Version 1.7.0: What's New

Version 1.7.0 Banner

Event: Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom!

Yami Bakura Event | Event Flow banner

Until Jul 10 2017 13:00

How to Play

  • Earn Ten-Sided Dice by defeating Duelists in Duel World!
  • Use Ten-Sided Dice to Duel against Yami Bakura!
  • Accumulate Event Points to obtain exclusive Rewards!

To learn more, please visit our main page for this event:

Yami Bakura Farming Guide

Duel School Rotations

It has been announced that certain Loaner Deck Duels and Duel Quizzes will be removed at these dates. For more information, refer to the announcement in-game.

Until Jul 30 22:00

  • Flame of the Tyrant 1, 2
  • Neo-Impact 1, 2
  • Valkyrie's Rage 1, 2
  • Wonders of the Sky 1, 2

Until Sep 8 22:00

  • Chaotic Compliance 1, 2
  • Land of the Titans 1, 2

Complete them before the end dates to get your free Gems!

EX Jewels & The Card Trader

EX Jewel Trades

A brand-new item has been introduced to Duel Links!

What are EX Jewels?

EX Jewels are items that can be obtained from Event Missions or Dueling with Yami Bakura. You can exchange these at the Card Trader for various rewards!

Currently, you can collect up to 200 EX Jewels from the Event Missions. This may change later on and I will update this page as I gather more information about them.

What are the rewards?

There is a set of 10 cards you may choose from:

  • 5 cards that have been rotated out of the Card Trader
  • 3 Yami Bakura event exclusive cards
  • 2 Card Flipper Campaign cards

The cost of these cards depends on the card's rarity:

  • UR: 300 EX Jewels
  • SR: 100 EX Jewels
  • R: 30 EX Jewels

Here is the EX card pool for this event:

  • Big Shield Gardna
  • Archfiend Empress
  • Power Injector
  • Trance Archfiend
  • Bad Reaction to Simochi
  • Fiend Griefing
  • Shield Spear
  • Goddess of Whim
  • Darklord Marie
  • Type Zero Magic Crusher

You may also exchange EX Jewels for Gold:

  • 1 EX Jewel for 100 Gold
  • 10 EX Jewels for 1,000 Gold

Other Changes

Shop Renewal

The shop has been given a new look:

Ver 1.7.0 Shop

(This photo has been edited to show the entire view of the Shop.)

The main box and mini-boxes are now grouped together in order of their release. Older boxes are hidden by default but can be displayed by simply tapping on the "See all BOXes" button. The shop now features the recommended box for all players at the top.

Language Settings

You can now change the language for both the in-game text and the audio from the Settings menu!

Language Settings

You can access this by tapping the gear icon at the top-right of the screen while in Duel World. (Settings>Change Language)

The Unhappy Girl

The Unhappy Girl issue has been fixed.The effect has been corrected to match the TCG rulings:


This fix may affect some farming decks that exploit this issue.