Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller

Activate 1 of these effects.● Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.● Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.

How to Obtain?
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for competing and placing in the Kaiba Corporation Cup (Prismatic)
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for reaching [Platinum 1] during World Championship Qualifiers (Non-Foil)
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for competing and placing in the World Championship Final Qualifiers (Prismatic)

Spell Type
Spell Rarity
Card Code98045062
Card Tips
  • This card can be activated when your opponent activates Order to Charge or any other card that would destroy your cards. Tribute a monster that would be destroyed and take control of one of your opponent's monster. The monster will be destroyed by the effect of your opponent's card.
    • If you have your own Order to Charge and are facing vanilla heavy decks, take control of one of their monsters with Enemy Controller and then tribute it with Order to Charge to destroy another monster.
  • Take control of an opponent's monster, attack with it, then Tribute it for monsters like Insect Queen to attack. At least two opposing monsters could end up be destroyed this way at the cost of one monster on your side.
  • Destroy a weaker monster your opponent controls, then tribute your monster with Enemy Controller to take control of another monster to attack again. 
    • If possible, you can use a "reborn" card with Spell Speed 2 (such as Fossil Excavation or Red-Eyes Spirit) to bring back your own monster and attack again.
  • To use this card offensively if there is a chance your opponent has Sphere Kuriboh, wait until you reach the Battle Step before activating it from your hand or field.
  • Use Enemy Controller with Gravekeeper's Recruiter to take control of your opponent's face-up monster, search a Gravekeeper such as Gravekeeper's Chief from Recruiter's effect, and tribute their monster for it.
Card Rulings

OCG Rulings:

Changing Control Rulings

  • If you gain control of an opponent's monster with "Enemy Controller" and then the monster is removed from play by "Interdimensional Matter Transporter", then when the monster returns to the field during the End Phase, your opponent still regains control of the monster. Within the same vein, if the monster is removed from play by "Dimensionhole", then during the Standby Phase the monster returns to the opponent's side of the field.
    • However, If you gain control of an opponent's monster and then it's removed from play by "Dimension Gate", then the monster WILL remain on your side of the field when triggered, because it is Special Summoned to the field instead of just returned like in the previous case.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Chain Destruction: Suppose that a monster with 2000 ATK or less is Normal Summoned and "Chain Destruction" is activated. If a card like "Enemy Controller" is chained so that control of the monster changes, then "Chain Destruction" will have the player who currently controls the monster destroy all cards with the same name in their hand and deck.
  • Gandora the Dragon of Destruction: If you activate the effect of "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction" and your opponent chains "Enemy Controller" to gain control of "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction", it's effect will not destroy itself.
  • Sakuretsu Armor: If an effect like "Enemy Controller" is chained to something like "Sakuretsu Armor" so that control of the attacking monster changes, then the effect of "Sakuretsu Armor" does not destroy the attacking monster.