Skill Catalog


Complete compilation of skills sorted based on frequency of occurrence.

Common: Available to 5 or more characters.

Uncommon: Available to 2 - 4 characters.

Exclusive: Unique to that character.


Skill are then further grouped by function, such as:

Gain LP: Increase starting LP or gain LP during the Draw Phase.

"Draw Sense": When LP decreases by 1500/1800, draw a card of the corresponding type.

Combat: Related to ATK boosts or damage taken.

Starting Hand: Affects your opening hand's composition.




Seto Kaiba
 Field Spell Peak Performance
Tea Gardner
 Starting Hand Duel, Standby!
 Combat Holy Guard
 Misc. Surprise Present
Mako Tsunami
 Field Spell Mythic Depths
 Combat Menace from the Deep
 Field Spell Straight to the Grave
 Draw Sense Zombie Draw
 Misc. Posthumous Army
Aster Phoenix
 Field Spell Destiny Calling
 Draw Sense Bring It!
Chazz Princeton
 Field Spell Land of the Ojamas
 Draw Sense Dragonic Fusion
 Misc. Ojama Go! Ojama Overflow
Alexis Rhodes
 Field Spell Master of Rites II
 Draw Sense Blessing of the Cyber Angel
Dr. Vellian Crowler
 Field Spell Middle Age Mechs
 Misc. Teacherly Discipline
Zane Truesdale
 Draw Sense No Excuses!
 Misc. Cyber Style Fatal Five