Recommended Boxes to Pull From


Useful boxes to pull from based on PVP / PVE usage and overall versatility.

Not every PvP box is needed; some have backrow staples, while others contain archetypes for specific decks.

A Look Inside

The Ultimate Rising
The Ultimate Rising

Secret Pass to the TreasuresSecret Pass to the Treasures

Used in every Vassal/Union Attack farming deck.

Shard of Greed, White Elephant's Gift

Some draw power cards for slower decks such as Elements United!


Mirror WallMirror Wall

Though not as omnipresent as during ye olde days, MW is still a strong choice to splash in alongside battle-oriented cards such as Wall of Disruption.


Core for Unhappy Girl farming decks.

Valkyrie's Rage
Valkyrie's Rage

The Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl

Still a viable farming method for several LDs.

Crimson Kingdom
Crimson Kingdom

Dark PaladinDark Paladin

One of the only consistent methods of farming against spell-heavy decks such as GX LDs and some event duelists.

Acidic Downpour

Used in some Labyrinth Builder decks.

Dawn of Destiny
Dawn of Destiny

Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush Headlong

Still a handy backrow staple, most meta archetypes are single attribute.

Good Goblin Housekeeping

Turbo card for Elements United! decks.

Generation Next
Generation Next

Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap Hole

Strong card that's seen a resurgence with the limiting of Rose Lover. Has wide general purpose use, but especially good for stopping Fur Hires' swarm chain.

King of the Swamp

Staple for literally any Fusion-based deck, most notably for PvE purposes with Dark Paladin. 

Servants of Kings
Servants of Kings

Forbidden ChaliceForbidden Chalice

Effect negation is the flavor of the month. Countermeasure against strong staples such as Vision HERO Vyon, Amazoness Princess, and the Fur Hire swarm trio.

Wall of Disruption

General purpose battle staple. Considered an upgrade to Mirror Wall for its permanent stat reduction, maxing out at 2400 ATK down. Especially strong against swarmers like Fur Hires. 

Blades of Spirits
Blades of Spirits

HazysHazy Flame Peryton

Contains the core Hazy engine, with Sphynx being found at the Card Trader.

Powerful Rebirth

Good for decks that rely on having a frontline presence, such as Geargias or Aliens. 

Fire Formation - Gyokkou

Unique anti-backrow in that the pinned card cannot be chain activated, locking it down for good. 

Abyss Encounters
Abyss Encounters

AliensAlien Overlord

A couple of 'R' cards and you have a KoG worthy deck. Use Recombination wisely.

Valiant Souls
Valiant Souls

Paleozoic CanadiaAmazoness Onslaught

Cut the momentum from decks such as Masked Heroes or Fur Hires. Returns as frontline fodder on other Trap usage. 

Amazoness Onslaught

Sent Amazons from burn deck accomplice to KoG overnight. There's a reason it's limited to 2 copies. 

Vision HERO Witch Raider

Easy to summon for Trap-heavy decks such as Amazons. Very important in their mirror matchup for the full backrow wipe. 

Masked Heroes

Contains Anki and Mask Change which propelled Destiny Heroes out of meme tier. Combined with the Destiny Rulers structure deck, Valiant Souls makes Masked Heroes a top tier deck.

Visions of Ice
Visions of Ice

Treacherous Trap HoleTreacherous Trap Hole

Hands down the most powerful card in Duel Links; double monster destruction for no cost other than the card itself. Will singlehandedly win you games as long as your Graveyard is Trap-free. Even with this restriction, it's worth running multiple TTH copies just to increase the chance of starting with such a powerful effect. 

The Tricky

Tribute fodder for decks like Hazys. 

Clash of Wings
Clash of Wings

Fur HiresBeat, Bladesman Fur Hire

Out go Sylvans, in come Furries. The latest in the top tier that every PvP deck has to plan for in some way. 

Widespread Ruin

Useful, low cost removal of big boss monsters such as Anki, Queen, or Dyna. Unlike SRH, Widespread Ruin doesn't need you to control a face-up monster.