Ranked Ticket Recommendations

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The introduction of ranked tickets has given players a huge incentive to jump onto the PvP ladder, with the grand prize for each season being the UR ticket awarded after 100 wins. Here are the cards you should be eyeing by rarity:


Honestly most of these are garbo, take whatever floats your boat.


Astral BarrierAstral Barrier

Part of the impenetrable Astral/Spirit Barrier farm deck.

The Sanctuary in the Sky

Staple for Counter Fairy decks.


Double Cyclone before it was cool. Used in Dimension Gate farm decks.

Covering Fire

Budget Damage Step backrow, but requires you to have 2 monsters out.

Oyster Meister

Used in oddball Water-themed decks. Good synergy with cards like ECon and Golden Flying Fish.


Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller

For the longest time, Ol' ECon was your go-to backrow to splash in most any deck. Many tears were spent farming Kaiba for 3 copies, but times have changed. With the latest banlist, you'll be spending 2 tickets at most on ECon.

Rose Archer

Strong trap negation for Plant-themed decks such as Aromages. 


Used in some Labyrinth Builder farm decks. 

Shield & Sword

If you're lazy to farm Joey, just grab S&S here. Used in Labyrinth Builder farm decks.

Solemn ScoldingSolemn Scolding

Very strong blanket negation at the cost of 3000 LP. Decks such as Life Cost 0 rejoice since their HP threshold is brought just low enough to use their Skill.

Black Brachios

Staple for any Dino-based deck. Its built-in ECon effect on summon makes Brachios a strong backbone monster.

Amazoness Sage, Amazoness Tiger, Amazoness Willpower, Amazoness Archers

Alternative tech options for Amazon decks, though Tiger and Archers are less widely used.



Essentially free tribute fodder. Working towards 3 copies will greatly bolster your Hazy deck.

The Big Cattle Drive

Decent draw power for decks such as Fur Hires, who aren't too hurt by a turn of backrow lockout.

Amazoness Paladin

For those who don't have Amazoness Queen yet, Paladin serves as an alternative beater to pad your monster reserves.