PVP Tier List

PVP Tier List
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Tier List Criteria

The purpose of this tier list is to give players a guideline on what decks perform best in a PVP environment.  It is important to note that although a deck can reach KoG's rank, it does not necessarily mean that the deck itself is good.  This tier list focuses on decks that are both capable of reaching KoG rank and have the potential to perform exceptionally well in tournament play.

The ranking of these decks are primarily based on:

  • Consistency - Can a deck reliably execute its win condition?
  • Comparative strength - How strong is a decks core basic mechanics vs other decks?  How easily or frequently can this deck's weakness be exploited.
  • Matchups - How well does a deck perform against other decks in the current meta?

Factors NOT considered:

  • Expense - How much resources/grinding does a deck require to build?
  • Ease of use - Is this deck easy to play?

Tier lists are subjective by nature, so use these ratings as a general guideline and make adjustments based on your play style and experiences.

Tier 1

Decks in tier 1 are among the strongest decks in the game.  They are the most consistent and powerful decks available to the playerbase, characterized by strong performances on ladder.

Tier 2

Decks in tier 2 have several weaknesses that hold them back from being Tier 1. These decks are generally very strong and have great matchups against many decks but lack in overall core deck strength compared to their tier 1 counterparts.

Tier 3

Decks in tier 3 are generally very solid but have glaring weaknesses, consistency issues, are easily countered, or lack overall diversity.