Cyberdark Impact! Zane Truesdale Strikes!

Cyberdark Impact event


Zane Truesdale makes a return from the Underworld with no respect for anything but victory!

Acquire Genex medals to challenge him at the Gate and GX world. Duel and accumulate Event Points to unlock him as a character and obtain his rewards!

Farming Decks

Item Rewards

After 3,500,000 Points:

Gems: (340)


  • EXP - (4)
  • Extra Card - (2)
  • Extra Life - (2)
  • Results - (5)


  • R - (160)
  • SR - (4)
  • UR - (2)

Duel Rewards




Underworld Duels

When you accumulate a certain amount of Event Points, Zane Truesdale will appear (GX World only) to challenge you to an Underworld Duel!

First, you must defeat his Fatal Three (L20) Deck before challenging a higher difficulty. After that, you have a choice between dueling his Fatal Three (L20) Deck or his Fatal Four (L40) Deck for every Underworld Duel.

In Underworld Duels, there is an Underworld Counter that appears next to your Duelist. Your Underworld counter decreases by 1 when you take damage. When that counter reaches 0, you lose the Duel, even if you have any Life Points remaining.

Winning an Underworld Duel against LV20 will grant a bonus of 2000 Duel Assessment Points and 4000 Duel Assessment Points against LV40.

Underworld Decks

Fatal Three // L20

Fatal Four // L40