Gravekeeper's Recruiter

Card Text

When this card you control is sent to your Graveyard: Add 1 "Gravekeeper's" monster with 1500 or less DEF from your Deck to your hand.

How to Obtain?
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for competing and placing in the Kaiba Corporation Cup (Prismatic)
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for reaching [Platinum 1] during World Championship Qualifiers (Non-Foil)
  • Can be a redeemable SR reward for competing and placing in the World Championship Final Qualifiers (Prismatic)

Monster Class
Monster Attribute
Monster Rarity
Card Code93023479
Card Tips
  • This card can be searched by Chaos ZoneMagician's Circle, and another Gravekeeper's Recruiter.
  • You can trigger this card's effect by tributing it for the normal summon of Gravekeeper's Chief, and revive Recruiter.
  • Use Enemy Controller with Gravekeeper's Recruiter to take control of your opponent's face-up monster, search a Gravekeeper such as Gravekeeper's Chief from Recruiter's effect, and tribute their monster for it.
  • Use Wonder Wand with Gravekeeper's Recruiter to trigger his search effect after drawing 2 cards.
Card Rulings

OCG Ruling:

  • The effect activates even if there are no cards in your Deck that you can add to your hand.
  • The effect activates even during the Damage Step.
  • The effect will activate even if this face-down card is sent to the Graveyard.
  • If this card is sent to the Graveyard as a cost or in the middle of resolving a Chain, then its effect will activate after you finish resolving the Chain.