Seto Kaiba Farming Guide

Decks to Farm
Seto Kaiba
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Tips to Farm
Seto Kaiba

When looking at any given Legendary  Duelist to farm, the first thing to do is assess the threats their deck contains. Unfortunately for most players looking to pick up copies of Enemy Controller, one of the most highly sought after PvP cards, Kaiba's deck is chock full of threats. As such, almost all farming decks that can be run against Kaiba are extremely niche and have been carefully crafted to address his threats which also has the unfortunate side effect of making them extremely expensive. 

Threat List:

  • Vorse Raider: 1900 ATK 4* Beater
  • D.D. Warrior: Can banish any monster you summon
  • Enemy Controller: Switches Battle Position or takes control of your monster
  • Twister: Spell/Trap removal
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon: 3000 ATK 8* Beater
  • Luster Dragon #2: 2400 6* Beater

AI Quirks:

  • Kaiba will not attack into Malus Tokens from The Golden Apples with D.D. Warrior
  • Kaiba will always leave 1 Monster on the field when you play Des Counterblow
  • Kaiba will not destroy Mirror Wall with Twister
  • Kaiba will Set D.D. Warrior against Angel O7
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