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The purpose of this tier list is to give new players a guideline on what rewards players should select after participating in a PVP event (KC Cup, WCS etc). Taking advantage of these type of rewards can often ease and help a player's experience in game. All rewards so far have been drops from Legendary Duelist (Both Gate duelist and event duelist) or any card trader cards (Even cards that have been rotated out). Each reward option can be gained outside of these events. With so many cards to choose from, it can be easily overwhelming to correctly pick the cards you want.

When deciding which cards you want, there's some guideline questions you can ask yourself to lead you to the perfect card you want to select. Questions like

  • Do I need this card? Will I use it in PVP or use it to Farm?
  • Was I able to get the desired amount of copies of this card?
  • What’s the availability of this card? Will it return in the near future? How hard is it to get?
  • How can you utilize the prismatic effect?

Are just a few you can ask.

At the end of they day, you can chose what ever card you want. It’s a reward that you worked for after all!  But you can use these ratings to help justify your reasoning for choosing that card, or as a simple guideline on what should you select.

Ultra Rare:

Ultra Rare:

Tier 1

Big Shield Gardna
The main reason this card is listed in Tier One, is because of it’s availability. Big Shield Gardna used to be obtained through card trader, but was rotated out along with some other cards. Though this card might make a return, it’s unlikely he will come back any time soon. Big Shield Gardna use is seen mostly in PVP in decks like Weevil Burn and sometimes Tea burn.

Tier 2

This card will be most useful towards newer players. Farming is a key aspect of the game that players must do if they want to succeed as many staple cards are obtained through farming. Though Riryoku can be bought in the Card Trader, it cost 3 UR Gems, 30 Stone Of Spell and 100,000 gold, which can be steep for a new player. This will also immensely help your farming experience if you get the option to pick a PRISMATIC variant, giving you +200 Duel Assessment points when farming.

If you find yourself already having a desired amount of those 2 cards, or not seeing a use for them. You can then pick whichever card appeals to you the most (aesthetic, card missed out, hard to farm etc)

Super Rares:

Ultra Rare:

Tier 1

Enemy Controller
This card might hold the highest priority as of now. Enemy Controller is one of the best utility spell we have as of now. With it’s amazing flexibility, this card is seen in many of the top PVP decks, some even carrying more than one copy. This card can be obtained by dueling Kaiba at level 30 and 40. Kaiba is difficult to farm, especially for newer players as most farming methods for Kaiba requires cards from all sorts of packs, making it another reason to pick up this card.

Union Attack
Union attack has revolutionized farming as we know today. Union attack + Vassal is the most widely used farming engine because of it’s ease of use and assessment bonuses that Vassal brings.(+1000 for effect damage only). Pick this card up if you weren’t able to obtain a copy from Yugi Moto (Who is a Event Duelist).

Champion's Vigilance
An extremely strong Counter Trap that can be tempo changing with the correct set up. Champion's Vigilance is paired with decks that revolve around Large Vanilla monsters like Blue Eyes White Dragon and Red Eyes Black Dragon. A lot of decks run 3 copies of this card because of the sheer board presence it holds. Champion's Vigilance is extremely flexible, being able to disrupt and stop your opponent from making plays. This card can be obtained by dueling Kaiba at level 30 and 40, but effectively farming Kaiba is difficult.

Dimension Gate
This card was introduced with the ParaDox brothers and is being added into many competitive PVP decks. Dimension Gate has many uses in all sorts of decks, each utilizing its effect in a unique way. This card is used commonly with Enemy Controller to take an opponent's monster and used to save your own monster from destruction.

Tier 2

GraveKeepers Cards
All 3 of these cards a staple in any GraveKeepers deck, the main reason they listed at tier 3 is because of their availability. All of 3 of these can be farmed, but most decks utilize 2-3 copies of each card and the drop rates are relatively low. If you are unlucky and have not been able to get the desired amount of GK’s you have wanted and also have every other card you want, pick up a GK.

Red-Eyes Spirit
This card can only be Obtained by Dueling Super Joey. This card is used to bring ANY Red Eyes monster back from the grave. With the new Red Eyes support from Crimson Kingdom with the addition to Red Eyes Wyvern and Red Eyes Zombie ,this card is a great addition to your Red Eyes deck.