Duel Assessment Guide

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What is a "Duel Assessment"?

An essential part of Duel Link's PvE is the cards and keys dropped by Legendary and Standard duelists alike. The number of rewards received is directly influenced by your Duel Assessment score at a rate of 1000 points per reward, up to a maximum to 8 rewards.

Thus, when facing Legendary Duelists with limited keys or infrequent spawns, it's in our best interest to max out the number of rewards per successful duel.  

In addition to winning the duel, there are a number of conditions to be met in order to obtain bonus points, ranging from winning via deck out, dealing over 9999 damage in a single attack, or performing a Fusion Summon. 


Bonuses will not stack, ex. Over 3000, 5000, 9999 Damage will only grant the highest bonus.

The two exceptions are playing Glossy or Prismatic cards, which will grant 100 and 200 points, respectively, per applicable card. 

Duel Result

These points are awarded based on who won. You will always get exactly one of these per duel.

Title Score Condition
Duel Victory 2,000 Win the duel.
Duel Loss 1,000 Lose the duel.
Draw 1,500 End the duel in a draw.
Quick Victory 2,500 Win the duel within 4 turns (you get two turns).
Deck Out Victory 2,100 Win the duel by making your opponent run out of cards.
Surrender 0 Surrender the duel.

Close Calls/Comebacks

These points are awarded for being close to losing on the turn that you win the duel.

Title Score Condition
Comeback Victory 500 Win the duel when you have less LP than your opponent at the start of your turn.
LP on the Brink 1,000 Win the duel with 100 or less LP remaining.
Low LP 500 Win the duel with 1000 or less LP remaining.
Cards on the Brink 500 Win a duel with no cards left in your deck.
Few Cards 200 Win a duel with 5 or fewer cards left in your deck.


These points are awarded by dealing damage in certain ways.

Title Score Condition
Victory by Effect Damage Only 1,000 Reduce the opponent's LP to 0 using only Effect Damage.
No Damage Taken 500 Win the duel without taking damage.
Over 3000 Damage! 500 Deal 3000 or more damage to your opponent's LP in one attack.
Over 5000 Damage! 1,800 Deal 5000 or more damage to your opponent's LP in one attack.
Over 9999 Damage! 3,000 Deal 9999 or more damage to your opponent's LP in one attack.
Destroy 10, 7, 5 Monsters 300, 200, 100 Destroy 10, 7, 5, or more monsters.


These points are awarded by playing certain types of cards.

Title Score Condition
Perform a Tribute Summon 300 Tribute Summon a monster.
Perform a Ritual Summon 400 Ritual Summon a monster.
Perform a Fusion Summon 400 Fusion Summon a monster.
Activate a Spell 100 Use a Spell Card.
Activate a Trap 100 Use a Trap Card.
Played Prismatic Card 200 Use a Prismatic Card.
Played Glossy Card 100 Use a Glossy Card
Divine Summon 1000 Summon a Divine-type monster card.

How to Farm Points

Mythical Beast Cerberus - 6000+

These decks use Cerberus in combination with a plethora of Spells, boosting it's attack to very high levels. Riryoku is used to transfer ATK stats from one Cerberus to another to reach over 9999 ATK.

Useful Skills include Draw Sense: Light (optimal) or Draw Sense: Low Level/Sorcery Conduit (slightly harder to activate)

In order to conserve Spell Counters, you do not attack at all until the very last turn, using cards like Big Bang Shot or Shooting Star Bow - Ceal to circumvent your opponent's frontline. 

Additional Spells may be used to control one's own LP, aiming for <1000 or optimally <100 for extra points. Cerberus normally gets around 6000-7000 points without extra points, so aiming for exactly 100 LP remaining and using glossies may be necessary to get 8000 points. 

Full LP guide and example deck: here

Piranha Army - 7000+

Utilizes the doubling effect of Piranha to minimize the amount of work needed to achieve Over 9999 Damage!

High ATK monsters such as Master of Oz or BEWD are commonly used in tandem with Gift of the Martyr, granting Piranha Army 5000+ ATK which doubles to 10,000 when it attacks. Riryoku is also a supplement to first siphon ATK from a monster before sacrificing it with Gift. 

Attacking directly is achieved via Secret Pass to the Treasures. Piranha Army is generally inferior to Gravekeeper's Vassal, use that instead if possible. 

Gravekeeper's Vassal & Union Attack - 8000+

By far the easiest way to obtain both Victory By Effect Damage Only and Over 9999 Damage!, already a base total of 6000 when adding 2000 from a regular victory. 

This is achieved using Vassal's conversion any damage dealt into Effect Damage. On it's own, Union Attack is a very efficient method of boosting a single monster's ATK, but cannot inflict fatal damage. The two combine to boost Vassal's ATK over 9999, usually with the help of a high ATK monster and a weaker one such as Unhappy Girl.

Common methods include using BEUD (via Temple of Kings or Summoner of Illusions), Labyrinth Wall with Sword and Shield, or Gate Guardian. Normally, Union Attack decks use 2 copies, so with Vassal, your other monsters require a total of 4650 ATK in order to deal 9999 damage. 

Element's Unite - 8000+

Element's Unite is by far the easiest and most consistent farm deck when it works. It is based on the Paradox Brothers' skill Elements Unite, which reduces your life points to 500 and places Gate Guardian on the field, guaranteeing yourself Low LP bonus and a 3750 ATK monster. This makes it very easy to incorporate Gravekeeper's Vassal & Union Attack, for an easy 8000 points. 

Gate Guardian is only 3750 ATK, so to reach 9999 damage, you need either 3 Union Attacks or a Caligo Claw Crow. 

If your opponent cannot deal with Gate Guardian, Element's Unite is 100% consistent, but loses very quickly to any deck that can remove it. 

Winged Dragon of Ra - 8000+

While this farm requires an event card to work, it gives a massive amount of points. Summoning Winged Dragon of Ra alone grants 1000 points from summoning a Divine-type monster and activating his effect puts you at 100 LP, granting 1000 points from LP on the Brink. With a win, 9999 damage, Cards on the Brink, and 2000 points from the bonuses, that's 7500 points. With a few glossies and prismatic points from Ra, this deck almost guarantees 8000+ points. 

In order to give Winged Dragon of Ra 10000+ ATK, the general strategy is to use healing cards such as Golden Ladybugs or Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird while stalling out your opponent. Efficient heal decks are extremely consistent and tend to end the duel with 15000+ life points and Cosmic Compass to easily summon Winged Dragon of Ra. 

Cards such as Stop Defense or Shooting Star Bow are not necessary, normally the AI will summon monsters in ATK mode and Ra will have enough ATK to deal 9999 damage by attacking a monster.