Yugi Muto L30 #1 | Elemental Army

Deck by Aeroxas
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
Pack Expense
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Elements Unite!
You will start the Duel with 500 Life Points and your starting hand will be 1 card, which is "Gate Guardian." In addition, you will start the duel with "Sanga of the Thunder", "Kazejin", and "Suijin" on the side of your field. Their effects are negated and they cannot attack as long as they are face-up on the field.
Extra Deck
Draw Simulator
Packs to pull to build this deck
Deck Strengths
  • Cheap to build: most of the cards can be easily acquired
  • Flexible: adjustments can be made to your liking
  • Low difficulty: the strategy of the deck is easy to grasp
  • Scores exactly 8000 Duel Assessments when successful
Deck Weaknesses
  • Possibility of failure under certain circumstances
  • Relies on a bit of luck
Deck Summary


This deck uses the Paradox Brothers' skill, Elements Unite! to summon Gate Guardian and begin with 500 LP. Draw power is a key element, increasing the speed of the Deck and preventing Yugi Muto from decking out. This is important since we start with only Gate Guardian as our opening hand. This deck is not the most optimal option, but a cheaper alternative.


Summon Gate Guardian and Master of Oz to destroy Yugi's monsters with their attacks. Continue doing so until the final turn.

The only cards he has that pose a threat to us are Sphere Kuriboh and Guardian Statue:

  • To deal with Sphere Kuriboh, we bait it out through our attacks. If Yugi draws into one before our final turn, we can get rid of it with Abyssal Designator.
  • To deal with Guardian Statue, we simply attack it with our monster(s).

These are some worst-case scenarios that could happen, but very rarely:

  • Yugi has two Sphere Kuriboh in hand, Guardian Statue set, and you only have one monster to attack with next turn.
  • Yugi summons Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and another monster in Attack Position. Then, he activates Union Attack to boost the ATK of Valkyrion the Magna Warrior to destroy your current monster. Next turn, you have no monsters to summon that could defend and destroy Valkyrion the Magna Warrior.

Gate Guardian and Master of Oz should be on the field. If one of them is missing during the second-to-last turn, use Pot of Benevolence to return Polymerization to your Deck. On the final turn, Fusion Summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon in Attack Position and proceed with the Final Turn Combo. If neither of them is missing, skip this step.

Final Turn Combo:

1) Normal Summon Piranha Army.

2) Activate Secret Pass to the Treasures, targeting Piranha Army for the effect.

3) If you do not have Master of Oz on the field, activate Riryoku on either Gate Guardian or Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, halving its ATK and adding it to Piranha Army. Otherwise, skip this step.

4) Activate Gift of the Martyr, sending either Master of Oz or the monster you halved with Riryoku to the Graveyard and adding its ATK to Piranha Army. Its ATK should now be at 5000 or above.

5) Activate Goblin's Secret Remedy

6) Activate Abyssal Designator, choosing DARK as the Attribute and Fiend as the Monster type.

7) Enter the Battle Phase and attack directly with Piranha Army to win the Duel.

Card choices:

3x Thunder Dragon, 1x Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon: Serves as a backup in case your Gate Guardian was removed from the field. Thunder Dragon's effect can also thin the deck, discarding 1 of them to add 1-2 more to your hand. Optional, but safer to have.

Goblin's Secret Remedy: Increases our Life Points just enough so we can both pay the cost for Abyssal Designator and achieve the LP on the Brink bonus after doing so.

Pot of Benevolence: Adds an extra layer of safety to deal with those rare occurrences and any mistakes you may make. Can also be used to prevent Yugi from decking out, if necessary.


Core Cards
Card Explanation

Our final attacker with an effect that helps us achieve the "Over 9,999 Damage" bonus.

Enables our Piranha Army to attack directly.


Adds half the ATK of one monster to another. This will only be needed if Master of Oz is NOT on the field.

Gift of the Martyr

Sends 1 monster to the Graveyard and adds its ATK to another monster on the field.

Our Sphere Kuriboh removal. Since Elements Unite! starts us off with 500 LP, we need more than 500 additional LP in order to pay for the cost.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Alternative to Piranha Army. By using this method, you can acquire the "Victory by Effect Damage only" bonus (if you avoid dealing Battle Damage). 

Apply the following adjustments when using it:
-1 Piranha Army

-1 Riryoku

-1 Gift of the Martyr

+1 Gravekeeper's Vassal

+2 Union Attack

Unlike Piranha Army, Gravekeeper's Vassal does need its ATK to be over 9,999 to achieve the bonus.

Alternative to Crystal Seer and Jar of Greed.

Other options:

  • Dark Mimic LV1
  • Dark Mimic LV3
  • Gather Your Mind
  • Shard of Greed
Breath of Light

This card destroys all face-up Rock-type monsters on the field.

You can replace Crystal Seer, Jar of Greed, or Pot of Benevolence with this.


Alternative to Abyssal Designator. You must have at least 1 other card in hand to activate this.

Fusion Gate

Alternative to Polymerization. Unlike Polymerization, this can be activated multiple times. However, the Fusion Materials will be banished instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

Dimension Gate

Useful protection for your monsters from Guardian Statue.

Defensive cards like this one can serve as alternatives to Crystal Seer, Jar of Greed, or Pot of Benevolence.