Yami Bakura (Gate) | Dinosaur Army - LV30 Farming Deck

Deck by Aeroxas
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Dinosaur Kingdom
Begin duel with the field spell "Jurassic World" activated.
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Packs to pull to build this deck
Characters to farm to build this deck
Deck Strengths
  • Inexpensive; most of the cards are of low rarity and can be acquired with little effort
  • Fairly consistent
Deck Weaknesses
  • Requires some luck
  • You may encounter rare situations that may cause this to fail
Deck Summary


This deck utilizes Rex's skill, Dinosaur Kingdom, to buff our Dinosaur monsters with enough power to overcome Yami Bakura's Level 4 or lower monsters.

With this setup, you are guaranteed 7200 Duel Assessment Points. Glossy/Prismatic cards will boost your total score.


Attack and destroy Yami Bakura's monsters with your monsters. Prevent Dark Necrofear from being summoned by removing Fiend-types from the Graveyard. Have Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Bracchio-raidus be on the field by the final turn. Do NOT attack directly. The only time you should declare a direct attack is the finishing blow at the end.

Our main threat against LV30 is Dark Necrofear. When it is destroyed, it will take control of one monster on our side of the field. We prevent this from being summoned by removing Fiend-type monsters from the Graveyard with Gravedigger Ghoul and Pot of Benevolence. You must prevent him from having 3 Fiend-types in his Graveyard during his turn.

Ectoplasmer will only be played if Yami Bakura can get two monsters on his side of the field. This is usually played alongside Dark Necrofear, since it is the best way for him to get out two monsters during the same turn.

Call of the Earthbound will only be activated if Piranha Army attacks directly instead of a monster Yami Bakura has on the field. We counter this by attacking with another monster first.

Spiritualism and Gravelstorm will return one Spell/Trap card you control on the field to your hand. Most of the time, it will be your Jurassic World field spell.

You can choose to replace one Amazoness Chain Master or Crystal Seer for another Blue-Eyes White Dragon so Exchange will have little to no effect on your farm, but I would not recommend it since you will then increase your chances for dead draws.

Final Turn Combo:

1) Normal Summon Piranha Army.

3) Activate Riryoku, halving Blue-Eyes White Dragon's ATK and adding that half to Piranha Army.

4) Activate Gift of the Martyr, sending Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the Graveyard, adding its original ATK to Piranha Army. Piranha Army's ATK should now be over 5000.

5) Enter the Battle Phase and attack directly with Piranha Army.Yami Bakura should either have one monster or no monsters on the field. If Yami Bakura has one, attack it with Bracchio-raidus first.

Card Choice Explanations:

Amazoness Chain Master: Used to take back any key monsters stolen with Exchange.

Crystal Seer: Adds draw power and deck thinning while ensuring that our Blue-Eyes White Dragon is not at the bottom of the deck.

Gravedigger Ghoul, Pot of Benevolence: Used to return or banish Fiend-types from Yami Bakura's Graveyard to prevent Dark Necrofear from being summoned. Pot of Benevolence can also help with Exchange if the monster he's taken has been sent to the Graveyard.

Bracchio-raidus: Used to acquire the Fusion Summon bonus and to help defeat Yami Bakura's monsters.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Our main source of ATK to steal from and add to Piranha Army.

You may replace this with any Level 5 or higher monster with 2400+ ATK.

Our attacker that will deal the finishing blow. Its effect helps us achieve the "Over 9,999 Damage" bonus.

Crawling Dragon #2

Used to attack and destroy Yami Bakura's monsters. With Jurassic World active, Crawling Dragon #2's stats will be 1900 ATK/1500 DEF. Also a Fusion Material for Bracchio-raidus.

Used to attack and destroy Yami Bakura's monsters. With Jurassic World active, Two-Headed King Rex' stats will be 1900 ATK/1500 DEF. Also a Fusion Material for Bracchio-raidus.


Adds half the ATK of one monster to another.

Gift of the Martyr

Sends 1 monster to the Graveyard and adds its ATK to another monster on the field.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

An alternative to Piranha Army. If you use this method, it will affect its consistency.

Apply the following adjustments when using this alternative:
-1 Piranha Army
-1 Riryoku
-1 Gift of the Martyr
-2 Pot of Benevolence
+1 Gravekeeper's Vassal
+2 Union Attack
+1 Secret Pass to the Treasures
+1 Trap Jammer


Has better stats than Crawling Dragon #2 and Two-Headed King Rex, but can only be acquired from the Crimson Kingdom pack. It is also not listed as a Fusion Material for any Fusion Monster.

With Jurassic World active, this monster's stats will be at 2000 ATK/1800 DEF.

Enemy Controller

If you prefer having some defense, you may replace Pot of Benevolence or Gravedigger Ghoul with some.

Alternative to Gravedigger Ghoul, but can only remove 1 monster instead of 2.