Toons - Restart

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Deck by Corsails
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Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
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14 Monsters 4 Spells 2 Traps
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Deck Strengths
  • Toon Kingdom is a ridiculous card that protects Toon monsters from a huge number of threats. The targeting protection alone protects Toons from:
    • Enemy Controller
    • Mask of the Accursed
    • Eliminating the League
    • Wild Tornado, and more
  • For non-targeting removal like the infamous Order to Charge, Kingdom still protects Toons by banishing a card from the top of your deck instead of destroying them. Kingdom even protects Toons from being destroyed by battle, so it's nearly impossible to defeat Toons head on. 
  • As an extension of the above, if your opponent cannot destroy Kingdom, it's essentially an automatic win. Toons are almost impossible to deal with if Kingdom is left unchecked. 
  • Toon Kingdom is searchable with Planet Pathfinder and An Owl of Luck. Crystal Seer can also be used to help dig through the deck, ensuring that the Toon player has access to Kingdom. 
  • Toons can attack your opponent directly, ignoring a huge amount of your opponent's resources. Cards like
    • Yomi Ship
    • Mirror Wall
    • Dream Clown, etc. are all rendered completely useless. 
Deck Weaknesses
  • The deck has an extreme reliance on Toon Kingdom. Kingdom is the center of the deck, the deck is completely powerless if Kingdom is destroyed. Decks which run a lot of destruction can destroy Kingdom even with Magic Reflector to protect it, such as:
    • Storm + Wild Tornado
    • Endymion the Master Magician
    • Lost Blue Breaker 
  • Although Kingdom protects from a giant number of threats, a few cards still work through Kingdom, including:
    • Sphere Kuriboh
    • Windstorm of Etaqua
    • Mirror Wall
  • Kingdom requires banishing from deck to activate it and to protect Toons from being destroyed. Aggressive decks can force the Toon player to deck out if the game goes on long enough. 
  • The vast majority of Toon monsters require life points to attack. Decks that can deal damage quickly or inflict burn damage can lower the Toon player's life points too low to attack. 
Deck Summary

With the level cap raised to 40, new reward cards were added that turned Toons into a meta threat overnight. More specifically, Toon Kingdom was added, which provides an unprecedented level of protection for Toons. Under Kingdom, Toon monsters cannot be targeted by card effects and can save themselves from destruction, which makes your Toons practically invincible. Combined with the ability to attack directly with Toon monsters, the deck is a menace that a large portion of the metagame simply cannot deal with. It is a very polarizing deck; opposing decks that include heavy spell/trap destruction can blow straight through Toons, but those that do not simply have no way to defeat Toons once they get Kingdom up. 

Core Cards
Card Explanation
Toon Kingdom

This card is the single reason Toons are a meta threat. 3/4th of the deck's strengths can be attributed to how good Kingdom is, it is a ridiculous, meta-warping card. Any deck that cannot deal with Toon Kingdom or aggressively inflict LP damage will automatically lose to Toons. 

Run the 1 copy that is allowed. 

Summoned Skull is the staple attacker of the deck, with a hefty 2500 ATK, a very easy summoning condition, and the ability to attack directly. Note that Skull is special summoned by tributing a monster, meaning that Blast Held by a Tribute will not work, and that you can normal summon/set something and special summon Skull during the same turn. Skull is a standard Toon monster, meaning he has the standard limitations of not attacking the turn that it is summoned, as well as a cost of 500 LP to attack. Having to wait a turn is a bit slow, but only 2 attacks from Skull are required to defeat your opponent, putting him on a very short clock. Once Skull hits the field, your opponent only has 3 turns to deal with it before he loses. 

Toon Dark Magician Girl is a straight upgrade (as 2 attacks from Toon DMG is still enough to win and DMG doesn't have to wait a turn to attack), but only one copy is available from the Pegasus event. 

Run 3x copies of Skull and as many copies of Toon DMG as possible (1 currently).

Mermaid behaves almost exactly like Summoned Skull, except Mermaid has 1400 ATK and doesn't require a tribute. Mermaid's stats are much less ideal, but the ability to special summon her is very important for tribute fodder and stalling. A common play is to normal summon Planet Pathfinder to search Kingdom, then special summon Mermaid and/or a higher level Toon monster in the same turn. 

Run 3x copies. 


This card searches Toon Kingdom and occasionally serves as tribute fodder for Skull. It's necessary as a fast way to search Kingdom, but being a monster leaves it vulnerable to getting Order to Charge'd or Enemy Controller'd. It unfortunately doesn't have any utility outside of searching Kingdom, but since Kingdom is so pivotal to the deck's win condition, 3x copies of Pathfinder for 1 copy of Kingdom is required for maximum consistency. 

Run 3x copies.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

An alternative to Planet Pathfinder, Owl is much slower and replaces a draw instead of adding Kingdom directly to hand. Owl can be used as a replacement, or as extra ways to search Kingdom if required. 

Ladybug is fairly useful as a tech choice, to help the Weevil matchup, grant extra LP to survive long games, and help outlast burn decks. 

Gravelstorm offers a bit more versatility. It can be used in the mirror match to bounce your opponent's Toon Kingdom and force them to banish 3 more cards, or used to protect your own Kingdom from an opposing De-Spell or Harpies' Hunting Ground while bouncing your opponent's cards. 

Soul Absorption works with banishing cards for Toon Kingdom, helping sustain for grind games. Since the majority of Toon monsters require 500 LP to attack, Absorption helps you survive long games and continue attacking. 

Cards that Counter this Deck
Card Explanation

Destroy Toon Kingdom and the entire deck grinds to a halt. Other good options include Storm, combining Storm with Wild Tornado (to bypass 1 Magic Reflector counter), Burning Land, or Harpies' Hunting Ground. 

Decks that Counter this Deck