SD LV33 | Farming Deck #1 | Labyrinth Wall

Deck by Aeroxas
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
Pack Expense
Farm Expense
Card Trader Expense
Deck Skill
Character Skill
Labyrinth Builder
Shuffle 2 cards from your hand into the Deck to create "Labyrinth Wall" on your side of the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Extra Deck
Draw Simulator
Packs to pull to build this deck
Characters to farm to build this deck
Deck Strengths
  • Relatively easy to use
  • High Score (7,000+ Duel Assessment Points)
  • Very consistent
Deck Weaknesses
  • Vulnerable to losses due to bad draws, especially against Graveyard Power and Gemini Monsters 2
  • The skill is exclusive to the Paradox Brothers and the deck relies on it
  • Expensive
Deck Summary


This is a deck I use to farm gate keys at Stage 33-38. I have two separate decks, each made for certain matchups. I use the skill Labyrinth Builder to Special Summon a Labyrinth Wall to stall for me until the final turn.

Which decks to use this against:

  • Aqua Chorus
  • Gemini Monsters 2
  • Graveyard Power
  • Union Aid 2

Card Choices:

Xing Zhen Hu: Locks down their entire back row. Use it as soon as they have two Set Spell/Trap cards.

Crystal Seer, Jar of Greed: Draw power is needed since the skill shuffles two cards from our hand back into the Deck. It also provides speed to end Duels quicker.

Pot of Benevolence: A safety net for when something goes wrong or to prevent our opponent from decking out.

Twister: Used mostly to destroy Wonder Balloons and Wicked Flamberge - Baou found in the Graveyard Power deck.

Shield & Sword: Used to switch the ATK and DEF of Labyrinth Wall.

Hieroglyph Lithograph: Helps ease our hand management and decreases our LP to try achieving the Low LP bonus.

Fusion Package (Master of Oz, Des Kangaroo, Big Koala, Fusion Gate): You can replace this with any other Fusion or Ritual Package, as long as you can bring Gravekeeper's Vassal's ATK to over 9,999.


In general, this is what you want to do:

  • Activate the skill and Special Summon Labyrinth Wall in Defense Position.
  • Lockdown their Spell/Trap cards using Xing Zhen Hu.
  • On either the last turn or the turn before it, Fusion Summon Master of Oz .
  • On the last turn, Normal Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal. Activate Secret Pass to the Treasure and your copies of Union Attack, targeting Gravekeeper's Vassal for both effects.
  • Activate your card of choice that will boost the ATK of Labyrinth Wall to 450 or above. Change it to Attack Position.
  • Enter the Battle Phase and attack directly with Gravekeeper's Vassal.

But there are some things to keep in mind against these:

Graveyard Power: The cards in the deck can only lower ATK, not DEF, so Labyrinth Wall is safe. However, you should avoid summoning Master of Oz early. Its ATK can be lowered, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Divine Dragon - Excelion.

Aqua Chorus: With two copies of Birdface and Aqua Chorus on the field, Birdface's ATK and DEF goes up to 2600. Keep that in mind when deciding to summon Master of Oz early.

Gemini Monsters 2: Secure the back row as soon as possible with Xing Zhen Hu. Avoid summoning anything else until you have done so.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Delivers the final blow and allows us to achieve the "Victory by Effect Damage Only" bonus. Works great with Union Attack since the Battle Damage is converted to Effect Damage first.

Required for Gravekeeper's Vassal to attack directly.

Only one copy is needed.

Union Attack

Used to boost Gravekeeper's Vassal's ATK.


Run enough copies to raise the ATK over 9,999.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Alternative to Gravekeeper's Vassal. If you plan on using this, do the following adjustments:

-2 Union Attack

+1 Gift of the Martyr

+1 Hieroglyph Lithograph

Alternative for Twister.


Alternative to Fusion Gate.

Can be used instead of Shield & Sword, just as long as you can increase Labyrinth Wall's ATK by 450 and above.

Other options: Reinforcements, Lucky Iron Axe, Black Pendant