Ruthless Judgement

Deck by aBoxofTim
Deck Skill

This deck requires no particular skill to be used effectively.

Deck Build
8 0 7 5
Monsters: 16
Spells: 4
Traps: 0
Monster Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Guardian Angel Joan
ATK: 2800 DEF: 2000

When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: Gain Life Points equal to the original ATK of that destroyed monster in the Graveyard.

UR 3
Dunames Dark Witch
ATK: 1800 DEF: 1050

Even when all odds are against this brave fairy, she will press onwards in battle and never retreat.

UR 2
Airknight Parshath
ATK: 1900 DEF: 1400

If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: Draw 1 card.

UR 3
ATK: 1400 DEF: 1200

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 Level 2 or lower LIGHT monster from your Deck to your hand.

N 3
ATK: 200 DEF: 300

If this card is added from your Deck to your hand by a card effect: You can Special Summon this card.

N 2
Freya, Spirit of Victory
ATK: 100 DEF: 100

While you control a Fairy-Type monster other than "Freya, Spirit of Victory", your opponent's monsters cannot target this card for attacks. All Fairy-Type monsters you control gain 400 ATK and DEF.

R 3
Spell Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Cards from the Sky
Cards from the Sky
Cards from the Sky

Remove from play 1 LIGHT Fairy-Type monster in your hand and draw 2 cards. You cannot Special Summon or conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card.

R 1
Court of Justice
Court of Justice
Court of Justice

Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Fairy-Type monster from your hand. You must control a face-up Level 1 Fairy-Type monster to activate and to resolve this effect. You can only activate the effect of one "Court of Justice" per turn.

R 3
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