Ritual Auto-Duel Deck (Max Level 33)

Deck by F_Hrunting
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Deck Skill

This deck requires no particular skill to be used effectively.

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Deck Strengths

You win games fast. Early SD decks will not be able to handle taking on 2000+ beaters. 

In dire situations, you can pitch one ritual monster to summon the other if you have no materials on hand.

You will also be able to average a respectable 3000 Duel Assessment

  • Plus its an auto-duel deck so less work for you to do.
Deck Weaknesses

This deck has no defensive cards whatsoever so do not try to run this in PvP seriously. If you run into an SD Deck that can get over Fortress Whale you won't win.

This deck can also be prone to drawing bad hands, but can usually resolve itself quick enough in lower levels. You can alleviate the issue with a Draw Sense or Balance Skill on some characters or tank it with an LP Boost skill.

  • Also the Auto-Duel AI may make a dumb move here or there, such as if you have BEWD and two ritual monsters in hand, the AI will pitch one ritual instead of BEWD, which will disrupt your summons. If you think this might be an issue, take some moment to manual play some cards before toggling Auto-Duel back on.
Deck Summary

This deck is a generic level up grinding deck in the early stages that is cheap to make and great against Standard Duelists. This is a skeleton deck that is interchangeable at most early to mid game levels so long as you follow a simple format:

  • All Ritual Monsters are of the same level: all 6, 7, or 8
  • Have Ritual Materials of equal or higher level to the Ritual Monsters
  • Have some method to search at least 1 of your rituals

This Level 7 example deck can consistently win against up to level 29 and some level 33 Standard Duelists and most cards are from the same set except for 1.

  • Level 6 Ritual Variations are a bit harder to build due to the only 2 Level 6 Rituals not having cheap alternative searchers
Core Cards
Card Explanation

Skull Guardian and Fortress Whale are both Level 7 Rituals from the same set and will be your main monsters. However Skull Guardian is required due to the fact it can be searched by Arsenal Summoner.

Set: Ultimate Rising; 3 of each required

Arsenal Summoner is needed to at least be able to search Skull Guardian as at this point, you probably won't have Senju of the Thousand Hands to search for Ritual Monsters.

Set: Age of Discovery; 3 of each required

You need at least 3 equal level monsters as fodder for the ritual summoning of your monsters.

Set: Any 3 Level 7+ Ace Monsters

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

If you got lucky with Neo-impact, use this to replace any number of Arsenal Summoners as it can search any ritual monster.

Set: Neo-Impact

If you poured any gems into Chaotic Compliance, use Crystal seer instead of Skelengel for better draw power.

Set: Chaotic Compliance

If you can afford it, try using a heavier beating Ritual Monster such as Garlandolf, also level 7, to strengthen the deck's win rate.

  • Replace Fortress Whale so Arsenal Summoner can still search Skull Guardian.

Set: Neo-Impact; x3 replacement required

If you want to run a level 8 Ritual variation and have Senjus to search the higher level monsters, try running BLS as the main boss monster to match any surprise BEWD or 3000 ATK monsters you may encounter.

  • Have all extra fodder be Level 8

Set: Chaotic Compliance; x3 replacement required