Red-Eyes Zombies

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Deck by aBoxofTim
Deck Overview
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
This turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300. This skill can only be used once per turn.
Deck Build
10 Monsters 6 Spells 4 Traps
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Deck Strengths
  • Constant aggression: Even if your beaters are destroyed, they are either
    • Used as ammunition for future summons
    • Revived through any number of ways
  • An abundance of methods to summon:
    • Tribute Gozuki for REZD
    • Banish Wyvern from Graveyard, revive another Red-Eyes 
    • When Gozuki is destroyed, banish a REZD in the Graveyard to summon a REZD from your hand
    • Red-Eyes Spirit: summon any Red-Eyes from the Graveyard
  • Many ways to send necessary cards to the Graveyard:
    • Insight
    • Gozuki's effect for REZD
    • Being destroyed
Deck Weaknesses
  • Incredibly expensive and hard to assemble
  • Susceptible to Control-based monsters such as
    • Yomi Ship
    • Clowns
    • Heavy Knight of the Flame
    • Guardian Statue
  • No Spell / Trap Removal - susceptible to Toons
  • No direct answer to common countermeasures such as Mirror Wall
Deck Summary

With each update came more and more support for the Red-Eyes Archetype. Those that faithfully farmed Super Joey have been rewarded with Crimson Kingdom and all the goodies it came with. 

Newfound Strength

Red-Eyes Wyvern and Zombie dragon are welcome additions to the lineup, pushing cards like Red-Eyes Spirit from gimmicky to top tier. While REZD itself seems fairly gimmicky, it just so happens that Gozuki is an appropriate Zombie who also contributes the the Red-Eyes engine in his own way.

Forsaking Vanguard of the Dragon, this deck employs both Wyvern and Gozuki as standard frontline, with 1800 and 1700 ATK apiece, with Wyvern potentially hitting 2000 ATK under Peak Performance. Heavy Knight of the Flame is teched in to combat the plethora of Special Summoned monsters, such as other Red-Eyes, Phoenix, and more. 

Overpower the Meta

What allows this deck to stand out is its constant aggression and overwhelming power. Red Eyes Zombies are able to output raw power on the level of Three-Star Demotion with the synergy and consistency of Gravekeepers. This is achieved through a network of discards, mills, and revivals. 

The engine functions by first sending Red-Eyes cards to the Graveyard, then reviving them through any number of ways, allowing for easy summoning of 2400 ATK beaters. The kicker is that even if your opponent manages to muster enough resources to take down such powerful monsters, you can revive at the drop of a pin.

The ignition can be seen as Red-Eyes Insight, preparing a Red-Eyes in the Graveyard and adding Spirit to your hand in one seamless move. Gozuki also provides some fuel by prepping a REZD in the Graveyard. 

Once prepped, we're able to summon as follows

  • If Gozuki sent to the Graveyard, banish a dead REZD to summon a REZD from your hand
  • Banish Wyvern from the Graveyard to revive a REZD, or another Wyvern
  • Via Red-Eyes Spirit; no cost, no string attached. Revive any Red-Eyes from the Graveyard

In short:

This deck is able to completely steamroll through most any deck since the resources spent to combat our Red-Eyes beaters far exceeds those needed to summon the beaters to begin with. 

Core Cards
Card Explanation

A respectable 1700 ATK allows Gozuki to do well enough on his own.

There simply isn't a correct answer when facing him. Gozuki's second effect activates if he's send to the Graveyard through any means. This includes through battle, Order to Charge, Barrel Dragon, etc. Then, by banishing a previously milled REZD, another REZD can be summoned from your hand. 

As a kicker, Gozuki himself can simply be Tributed for REZD as they're both Zombies. 

The new staple of Red-Eyes decks. Even without Peak Performance support, 1800/1600 is able to stand up to any standard frontline not named Sonic Duck or Blazing Inpachi. 

Even if destroyed, he's able to banish himself to revive an allied Red-Eyes monster, making sure the aggression never slows down.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

Can be considered an upgrade to the classic REBD. His standard summoning needs only 1 Zombie as opposed to two monsters. 

Is also easily milled via Gozuki or Cards of the Red Stone, making him easy to revive or providing ammo for a subsequent REZD from the hand.  

Essentially "Monster Reborn" tailored to support Red-Eyes monsters. Cost-free, no strings attached revival of Wyvern or REZD. 

Red-Eyes Insight

Throws a Red-Eyes monster into the Graveyard while simultaneously searching Red-Eyes Spirit, leading to a seamless revival for the following turn. 

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Searches for Gozuki, extra draw power is always appreciated. 

Contributes to the discard system while permanently boosting his own ATK at the same time. 

His 2nd effect is also handy, providing a REBD revival in the event that he's destroyed via card effect. 

A decent alternative if you don't have all the UR's.