Red-Eyes Exodia

Deck by aBoxofTim
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Begin Duel with the 5 Exodia pieces in your Deck.
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Super Joey
Deck Summary

A variation of Red-Eyes modified to search out Exodia pieces.

Uses the classic Red-Eyes turbo system in tandem with Wonder Wand + Spellcasters for massive draw / search power. Can thin your deck by up to 6 cards per turn.

Benefits from having an offensive presence / stalling option.

Note: may be prudent to stall with BDS / Legion as frontline fodder as opposed to always using Wonder Wand's effect.

Deep Diver is a replacement that can search out the Head piece specifically; since it's not Wonder Wand compatible, recommend only running 1 copy. 

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Searches out Exodia pieces, but is not Wonder Wand Compatible.