OBSOLETE: L40 Yugi Muto Surprise Present Lockdown Farming Deck

Deck by Mournful
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Surprise Present
Select 1 card Set in your Spell & Trap Zone, and force it on your opponent. Only the player that activates this skill can view this card. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
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Yugi Muto
Deck Strengths

This deck no longer works: the AI has been changed to not activate Jam Breeding Machine. 

  • Simple to pilot
  • High consistency against difficult deck
  • Flexible decklist
Deck Weaknesses
  • Hidden skill reliant
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Difficult to achieve max rewards
Deck Summary


Yugi Muto's Level 40 Deck is arguably one of the most difficult farms in the game currently. Due to the way he can reliably remove monsters from the field with Flip Effects, and the unreliability in clearing his monsters due to A Feint Plan, a lot of conventional methods such as The Unhappy Girl Lockdown suffer drastic losses in consistency. Despite his consistent monster removal, Yugi Muto has very little answer to backrow threats. As an unconventional answer to an unconventionally difficult farm, Surprise Present Lockdown provides a surprisingly consistent way to farm Yugi Muto by locking down his monsters using Spells almost exclusively through a combination of Jam Breeding Machine and Gravity Axe Grarl, both of which prevent him from Flip Summoning monsters and activating their effects. 

What is Surprise Present Lockdown?

Surprise Present is one of Tea Gardner's character specific hidden skills, allowing her to gift a Set Spell/Trap card to her opponent once per duel. Due to the AI being programmed to activate this Set card, we can gift a Jam Breeding Machine to our opponent, preventing them from Summoning any monsters for the remainder of the duel. As a secondary lockdown mechanic, we can equip our beaters with Gravity Axe Grarl, which both allows them to clear Yugi's non-Tribute monsters as well as preventing Flip Summons. We will also include Crystal Seer to fish for either of these cards as well as a defensive Trap or two to round out the decklist, providing a surprisingly consistent lockdown deck. We will finish with our standard last turn 10k damage combo of choice; Vassal is preferred for score, but since we're farming Yugi Muto I opted to not include Union Attack in the default decklist, and so we'll be using Piranha Army instead.

How to Play

The deck is extremely straightforward to pilot and actually is one of the fastest farming decks available time-wise. Since both players will be ending their turn pretty much immediately after drawing for the majority of the duel, the farm should only take a couple minutes. As soon as the player draws Jam Breeding Machine, they should Set it and gift it to Yugi Muto, and he will proceed to activate it on his next turn. Alternatively, once the player draws a beater and Gravity Axe Grarl, they should Summon the beater and equip it with Grarl and attempt to clear any monster Yugi may have on the field. If neither of these combos are available, stall as best as possible with Crystal Seer, Windstorm, or any other defensives you may have until you draw either of these combos. Replacement defensive cards will be listed at the bottom of this page in the Replacement Cards section. Make sure to only have one beater on the field at a time, so you have room for Summoner of Illusions and Gravekeeper's Vassal. If you're using Mystical Beast of Serket, you can have 2 beaters on the field. If you have Yugi Muto locked down already and need to get rid of a Crystal Seer, destroy one of his Slime Tokens. The next one will be summoned in Attack Position and he'll attack your face-up Crystal Seer.

End Game

Set Summoner of Illusions (or Tribute Serket) on your second to last turn. Try to use at least one Crystal Seer during the game to ensure neither of these are your last card. On your final turn, Summon Piranha Army (or Gravekeeper's Vassal) and your Extra Deck Fusion Monster using Summoner or Serket's Effect. If you're using Piranha, make sure to activate Secret Pass to the Treasures FIRST, before buffing its ATK with Gift of the Martyr. Once you have played all your last combo Spells, activate Exchange or Abyssal Designator to get rid of Sphere Kuriboh, and proceed to attack directly for game. Feel free to activate any glossy leftover Jam Breeding Machines at this point for free points. 

Note: This decklist works against both level 30 and level 40, but do note that level 30 has 2 copies of Sphere Kuriboh. Run an additional Exchange or Abyssal Designator for level 30.

Core Cards
Card Explanation
Jam Breeding Machine

Jam Breeding Machine has two main effects. The first Special Summons a 500/500 Slime Token during each of your Standby Phases in ATK position. The second, more important effect is that you cannot Summon any monsters. This prevents both Flip and Special Summons for Yugi Muto, and since he has no way to remove it, effectively locks him down for the rest of the game

Try to run 3 copies for consistency.

Gravity Axe Grarl increases a monster's ATK by 500 and prevents your opponent from switching their monster's battle positions. This can be equipped to your own beater to prevent Flip Summons and to clear Yugi's field, or, if desperate, can be equipped to one of Yugi's monsters to still prevent Flip Summons. This second combo works best in conjunction with Windstorm of Etaqua, locking his monsters in Defense position. 

Try to run 3 copies for consistency.

Crystal Seer's Flip effect excavates 2 cards, allowing you to add one to the hand and move the other to the bottom of the deck. This allows us to cycle through 2 cards while searching for Jam Breeding Machine and Grarl, while also providing draw power AND guaranteeing Summoner of Illusions will not be the last card in the deck. This highly increases the decks consistency if you get unlucky in your first hand.

Run 1-3 copies depending on personal preference.

Piranha Army's effect doubles any Battle Damage dealt when attacking directly. Ideally we'd like to run Gravekeeper's Vassal but since many people trying to farm Yugi Muto won't have Union Attack we'll be using Piranha Army. When buffed up with Gift of the Martyr alongside Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Master of Oz, you can reach 10k Battle Damage.

Only 1 copy is needed. 

Gift of the Martyr

Gift of the Martyr sends one monster you own to the Graveyard to add its original ATK to another monster. When combined with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Master of Oz, Piranha Army reaches 5k ATK, allowing for 10k Direct Damage.

Only 1 copy is needed if you have BEUD/Master of Oz.

Secret Pass to the Treasures allows 1 monster with 1000 ATK or less to attack your opponent directly. This will be used on Piranha Army on your final turn. Make sure to use it before buffing its ATK with Gift of the Martyr.

Only 1 copy is needed.


This will be used last in order to take Yugi's Sphere Kuriboh. Alternatively use Abyssal Designator.

Only 1 copy is needed for Level 40 (2 for Level 30).

The strongest beater available to us where we can use Gravity Axe Grarl (Gearfried cannot be equipped). 3 copies is preferred but not necessary; any 1700+ beaters should work fine.

Metalmorph gives us a secondary way to get over Yugi's Monsters besides Grarl, as well as provide a way of clearing the stronger monsters like Guardian Sphinx. It does not prevent Flip Summons and will be lost if the attack is stopped by Sphere Kuriboh or A Feint Plan and your monster is returned to hand.

Windstorm of Etaqua switches the battle positions of all of your opponent's monsters. This is a strong defensive Trap to protect yourself in emergency situations.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Breath of Light

Breath of Light destroys all face-up Rock-type monsters. This provides a good way to clear Yugi's field after he has cleared yours. Note that it doesn't affect face-down monsters.

Curse of Anubis switches all Effect Monsters to defense position. This can be used in place of Windstorm of Etaquaas a defensive Trap.

Embodiment of Aapophis provides us with an 1800 Def monster that Yugi will be unable to get over without Megarock Dragon or Valkyrion. It also has the added advantage of being able to be summoned at the end of our opponent's Main Phase, after his Flip Effects have been activated.

Gravekeeper's Vassal's effect converts all Battle Damage to Effect Damage, which combos well with Union Attack. Use this if you already have a copy of Union Attack instead of Piranha Army for the extra Assessment Score.

Union Attack

Union Attack increases 1 monsters ATK during the Battle Phase by the combined ATK of your other monsters at the cost of the other monsters not being able to attack and the negation of battle damage. This condition can be ignored due to Gravekeeper's Vassal's effect. Run two of these with Gravekeeper's Vassal, or one plus Spell Reclamation.

Array of Revealing Light

Array of Revealing Light prevents a declared type of monster from attacking the turn they are summoned. If you declare Rock, Yugi will be unable to attack after activating his Flip effects, buying time to re-summon your monsters.