OBSOLETE: L40 Yami Bakura (Duel World) Elements Unite! Farming Deck

Deck by Mournful
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Elements Unite!
You will start the Duel with 500 Life Points and your starting hand will be 1 card, which is "Gate Guardian." In addition, you will start the duel with "Sanga of the Thunder", "Kazejin", and "Suijin" on the side of your field. Their effects are negated and they cannot attack as long as they are face-up on the field.
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Deck Strengths
  • Very straightforward to pilot
  • Relatively cheap
  • Flexible decklist
  • Quick farm when run with maximum draw power
  • High consistency
Deck Weaknesses
  • Requires Union Attack to get full points
  • Requires cards from multiple sources
Deck Summary


Yami Bakura's Level 40 Deck, Evil Incarnate, packs a lot of backrow threats that must be considered when attempting to farm. The two biggest standout threats are Tribute to the Doomed, which has the potential to destroy any monster you control, and Sakuretsu Armor, which destroys a monster that declares an attack. This is backed up by the inability to protect ourselves with our own backrow due to Nobleman of Extermination, which can wipe standard protection Spell/Trap cards such as Riryoku Field. The biggest weakness of Bakura's deck is that he cannot field any monster above 2100 ATK, and the fact that he only runs 2 copies of Tribute to the Doomed. As such, this guide will go over farming him using Elements Unite! which allows us to start with 3 monsters above 2100 ATK. The only way Bakura can clear them is with Tribute to the Doomed, which he can only use twice, meaning we can stall out using our third elemental god for the entire game.

What is Elements Unite!?

Elements Unite! is a Paradox Brothers skill which is obtained at Level 3. It allows you to start with the three elemental gods, Suijin, Kazejin, and Sanga of the Thunder on the field with their effects and ability to attack negated, as well as only Gate Guardian in hand and 500 starting LP. This is an extremely effective farming skill against many Legendary Duelists, and Bakura is no exception. Against most Legendary Duelists, you would summon Gate Guardian on your first turn in order to have an insurmountable threat to stall the game; however against Bakura we don't need anything with that high attack, and instead we'll keep the three elemental gods as fodder. Two of them will likely die to Tribute to the Doomed over the course of the game, and the third will be used to boost Gravekeeper's Vassal's ATK at the end of the game.

How to Play

The deck is extremely simple to play and there is very little that can go wrong until the last turn. Our biggest problem is making sure we have enough draw power to ensure that we deck out before Bakura does to ensure both Comeback Victory and having all of our last combo cards. As such, the default decklist here has an extreme amount of draw power in Shard of Greed and Jar of Greed as well as the ability to shuffle cards back into either deck with Pot of Benevolence; this is overkill. Feel free to run this much draw power if you want, but if you don't actually have these cards don't worry. As long as you have enough cards to thin your deck or enlarge Bakura's by 6 cards total, you should be fine.

Over the course of the duel, there's very little you actually have to do besides play Goblin's Secret Remedy and Hieroglyph Lithograph when you can, which will both bring you to 100 LP and enlarge your hand size to 7. Make sure to keep your elemental gods in defense position to avoid Zoma the Spirit crashing. Make sure to play your Field Spell in face-up position so it can't be destroyed by Nobleman of Extermination, and activate your draw cards when you get them. Feel free to toss Gate Guardian if your hand is too big (unless you substitute in a Ritual Summon); you will not be playing it. Important: do not set any of your last turn combo Spell/Trap cards, because the first thing you will do on your final turn is Storm.

End Game

Once both Tribute to the Doomed have been played, and if his field is full and he doesn't have Heavy Knight of the Flame, you can summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, even if it isn't the last turn (Heavy Knight of the Flame can banish Fusion/Ritual/Special Summons). It is preferred to summon your Fusion before the last turn so that it can be Flip Summoned if Book of Moon is played on the last turn. On your final turn, your field should have 1 elemental god and 1 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon in your monster zone, and 1 Field Spell as well as any set Spell/Trap cards you might have. Fill up the rest of your Spell/Trap zone until there is 1 vacant spot left and Storm away all of Bakura's backrow. You can also use Straight Flush, although there will be some games he doesn't fill up his backrow (uncommon), or Release Restraint Wave combined with any Equip Spell. If he activates Book of Moon in response to your Storm, Flip Summon any monster that now may be facedown into attack position. Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and activate Secret Pass to the Treasures as well as both copies of Union Attack and attack directly for 10k Effect Damage.

If Bakura doesn't use Tribute to the Doomed, you can Special Summon Gate Guardian alongside your Fusion Summon. If he only uses 1, you'll have to Tribute Summon with Thunder Dragon before you Fusion Summon to make space.

Note: The fusion summon, draw cards, and counter-traps are flexible. Here's some guidelines to help:

Fusion Summon: Base ATK >= 2350

Since the elemental god's lowest ATK is 2400 (Kazejin), you need a Fusion Summon with at least 2250 ATK. Any Fusion Summon that you have that is glossy should be played in this slot. If you only have 1 of the pieces, just use a fusion substitute such as Goddess with the Third Eye, Versago the Destroyer, Mystical Sheep # 1, The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion, or Beastking of the Swamps. You will not be playing any of the components so it doesn't matter if they're glossy or not. Other cheap recommended Fusions include Bickuribox, Crimson Sunbird, Gaia the Dragon Champion, Thousand Dragon, and Labyrinth Tank. 


Instead of a Fusion Summon, especially if you don't run Fusion Gate, you can run a Ritual Summon. Same rules apply where you need to hit 2250 ATK minimum, but make sure you hold on to Gate Guardian to use as the Tribute.

Draw Power: +6 total card differential

This +6 can either be made up of drawing from your own deck or shuffling back into Bakura's. Notable draw cards include Shard of Greed (+2), Jar of Greed, Crystal Seer, Skelengel, Dark Mimic, Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier, Thunder Dragon (+2), Gather Your Mind, and Cards from the Sky(+2). You can also use shuffling cards such as Pot of Benevolence (+2), Tour Bus from the Underworld, and Keldo (+2). 

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Gravekeeper's Vassal's effect converts all Battle Damage to Effect Damage, which combos well with Union Attack. In your final turn before you deck out, activate Secret Pass to the Treasures and 2 Union Attack to deal 10k Effect Damage directly. 

Only 1 copy is needed.

Secret Pass to the Treasures allows 1 monster with 1000 ATK or less to attack your opponent directly. This will be used on Gravekeeper's Vassal on your final turn. 

Only 1 copy is needed.

Union Attack

Union Attack increases 1 monsters ATK during the Battle Phase by the combined ATK of your other monsters at the cost of the other monsters not being able to attack and the negation of battle damage. This condition can be ignored due to Gravekeeper's Vassal's effect.

2 copies is required to reach 10k damage. You will be unable to run Spell Reclamation due to Storm.

Goblin's Secret Remedy

Adds 600 LP to your LP. Used in conjunction with a -1000 LP Spell/Trap to reach 100 LP.

Only 1 copy is needed. 

Hieroglyph Lithograph

Hieroglyph Lithograph increases your maximum hand size to 7 at the cost of 1000 LP. It is the fastest 1000 LP cost Spell to play and also allows you to bank extra spells for the final turn.

Only 1 copy is needed. 

Pot of Benevolence allows you to shuffle 2 cards from either players' Graveyard into their respective decks. This allows us to keep Bakura's deck size from thinning so we can catch up and deck out before he does. This is the cheapest single standalone +2 deck size differential card, although it's slow to play.

Run enough to hit +6 with draw cards

Shard of Greed

Shard of Greed allows you to draw 2 cards after waiting 2 turns. This is to assist with deck thinning so we can deck out before Bakura.

Run as many copies as you have.

[DL] Jar of Greed

Jar of Greed allows you to draw 1 card. This is also useful for baiting out Nobleman of Extermination, since you can activate Jar of Greed in response to Nobleman's activation. 

Run enough to hit +6 with draw cards


Storm destroys all cards in your Spell/Trap zone and allows you to destroy the same number of cards destroyed on your opponent's side of the field. This allows you to remove any possible Sakuretsu Armor or Book of Moon that Bakura has Set. Make sure you have a Field Spell and 2 other Spell/Traps Set when you activate it.

Only 1 copy is needed.

Wild Tornado can be used to destroy a Face-up Spell or Trap card. This can be used to clear Zoma the Spirit. Make sure Bakura has a face up monster to destroy if you use Storm on Wild Tornado. 

Fusion Gate

Fusion Gate is here to fulfill both the Polymerization requirement as well has our Field Spell requirement. If you don't have it, feel free to put any glossy Field Spell here, and make sure to either add Polymerization or a Ritual Summon.

Only 1 copy is needed. 

Thunder Dragon

Thunder Dragon allows us to thin the deck by 2 as well as provide fodder for our Fusion Summon at the same time, freeing up deck slots. Since we're not hurting for deck slots, feel free to replace this with any other Fusion Summons you have that are glossy.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Deck thinning.

Deck thinning.

Deck thinning.

Deck thinning.

Deck thinning.

Gather Your Mind

Deck thinning.

Cards from the Sky

Deck thinning.

Deck fattening.

Deck fattening.

Can replace Hieroglyph Lithograph for LP manipulation. Takes longer to play due to the need to declare Type/Attribute and look at your opponent's hand. Play if you have glossy copies and no glossy copies of Hieroglyph Lithograph.

Can replace Hieroglyph Lithograph for LP manipulation. Takes longer to play due to the need to look at your opponent's face-down cards and can only be played when your opponent has face-down cards. Play if you have glossy copies and no glossy copies of Hieroglyph Lithograph.

Piranha Army's effect doubles any Battle Damage dealt when attacking directly. If you don't own Union Attack, run this instead of Gravekeeper's Vassal. 

Gift of the Martyr

Gift of the Martyr sends one monster you own to the Graveyard to add its original ATK to another monster. If you don't own Union Attack, run this instead of Union Attack. If your Fusion Monster is Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Master of Oz, you only need to run 1 copy with Piranha Army, freeing up a deck slot.

Shooting Star Bow - Ceal allows the equipped monster to attack your opponent directly at the cost of lowing 1000 ATK. If you don't own Secret Pass to the Treasures, you can run this Equip Spell instead. Note that your Fusion Monster must have 500 more ATK minimum (2750) in order to offset the ATK drop.

Backrow clearing alternative to Storm.

Backrow clearing alternative to Storm. Run with any Equip Spell of your choice.


Used to summon your Fusion monster if you don't own Fusion Gate. Make sure to run a Field Spell for Storm in place of fusion Gate.