Mokuba | The Unhappy Girl - LV30 & LV40 Farming Deck

Deck by Aeroxas
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Holy Guard
You receive no battle damage during your turn.
Deck Build
1 4 6 10
Monsters: 11
Spells: 4
Traps: 6
Monster Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Mystical Beast of Serket
ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000

If you do not control "Temple of the Kings", destroy this card. Banish any monster destroyed by battle with this card. If this card destroys a monster by battle: It gains 500 ATK.

SR 1
Gravekeeper's Vassal
ATK: 700 DEF: 500

Any battle damage this card inflicts to your opponent is treated as effect damage instead.

R 1
The Unhappy Girl
ATK: 400 DEF: 300

While this card is in face-up Attack Position on the field, this card is not destroyed as a result of battle. (Damage calculation is applied normally.) A monster that battled with this card cannot change its battle position, except with a card effect, or attack while this card is in face-up Attack Position on the field.

R 3
Crystal Seer
ATK: 100 DEF: 100

FLIP: Excavate the top 2 cards of your Deck, add 1 of them to your hand, then place the other on the bottom of your Deck.

R 2
ATK: 1400 DEF: 1200

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 Level 2 or lower LIGHT monster from your Deck to your hand.

N 3
Spell Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Union Attack
Union Attack
Union Attack

Target 1 face-up monster you control; add up the total ATK of all other face-up Attack Position monsters you currently control, then during the Battle Phase of this turn only, the monster gains that much ATK, but cannot inflict battle damage to your opponent, also other face-up Attack Position monsters cannot attack.

SR 2
Temple of the Kings

You can activate 1 Trap Card the turn it was Set. You can send 1 "Mystical Beast of Serket" in your Monster Zone and this card you control to the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 monster from your hand or Deck, or 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. You can only use each effect of "Temple of the Kings" once per turn.

SR 1
Secret Pass to the Treasures

Select 1 face-up monster with an ATK equal to 1000 points or less on your side of the field. During the turn this card is activated, the selected monster can attack your opponent's Life Points directly.

N 1
Trap Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Aegis of Gaia

Gain 3000 Life Points. If this face-up card is removed from the field, take 3000 damage.

N 3
Enchanted Javelin

Increase your Life Points by the ATK of 1 opponent's attacking monster.

N 3
Extra Deck
Monster Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
ATK: 4500 DEF: 3800

"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"

UR 1
Draw Simulator
Packs to pull to build this deck
Characters to farm to build this deck
Deck Strengths
  • Relatively cheap to build
  • Easy and straightforward
  • High Score
  • Fairly consistent
  • Holy Guard is a skill used by Tea at level 4
Deck Weaknesses
  • Includes event-exclusive cards
  • Relies on The Unhappy Girl and Spell/Trap cards to support it
  • Requires a bit of luck
Deck Summary


The skill Holy Guard allows us to attack Mokuba's monsters with The Unhappy Girl without taking any damage. The Unhappy Girl's effect will then prevent those monsters from attacking.

This setup is made for LV40, but can be adjusted to work for LV30. Continue reading to learn more.


Summon two The Unhappy Girl as soon as possible and prepare for the final turn combo.


On the second-to-last turn, activate Temple of the Kings and Tribute Summon Mystical Beast of Serket. Activate Temple of the Kings' effect, sending Mystical Beast of Serket to the Graveyard and Special Summoning Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in Attack Position. Proceed to the final turn.

Manage your hand well. Set any Spell/Trap cards if you need to, but reserve 1 Spell/Trap card zone for Temple of Kings and to execute your Final Turn Combo.


Replace 1-2 Aegis of Gaia or 1-2 Enchanted Javelin for 1-2 Trap Jammer.

After you have two The Unhappy Girl on the field, you may Special Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (via Temple of the Kings' effect) at any time before the final turn. None of Mokuba's cards can overcome it. Feel free to destroy Mokuba's Defense Position monsters.

Set Trap Jammer before the final turn to negate Mokuba's Negate Attack. This will not be needed if you manage to trigger it through Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attacks.

Final turn combo:

1) Normal Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal.

2) Activate Secret Pass to the Treasures and your copies of Union Attack onto Gravekeeper's Vassal

3) Enter the Battle Phase and attack directly with Gravekeeper's Vassal to end the Duel. LV40 Only: If Mokuba activates Negate Attack, activate your Trap Jammer in response.

Card Choice Explanation:

Crystal Seer: Provides draw power, deck thinning, and ensures that neither our Mystical Beast of Serket and Temple of the Kings are at the bottom of the deck.

Rai-Mei: Searcher for The Unhappy Girl. Its effect will shuffle the deck when activated.

Aegis of Gaia: Solid 3000 LP gain. Mokuba does not have any cards to remove this, so you should activate it as soon as possible.

Enchanted Javelin: Neutralizes Battle Damage from one attack.

Serket Package (Mystical Beast of Serket, Temple of the Kings, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon): I use this package as our main buffer for Gravekeeper's Vassal. With two Union Attack and one The Unhappy Girl, we'll need at least 4250 more ATK in order to receive the "Over 9,999 Damage!" bonus.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Delivers the final blow and allows us to achieve the "Victory by Effect Damage Only" bonus. Works great with Union Attack since the Battle Damage is converted to Effect Damage first.

Our main stall card. Read the Deck Summary for more information.

Run 3 copies.

Required for Gravekeeper's Vassal to attack directly.

Only one copy is needed.

Union Attack

Used to boost Gravekeeper's Vassal's ATK.

Run enough copies to raise the ATK over 9,999.

Use this to negate Mokuba's trap card, Negate Attack.

Required only for LV40. Run 1-2 copies.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Alternative to Gravekeeper's Vassal. You will not get the "Victory by Effect Damage only" bonus (1,000 pts) if you use this alternative.

Apply the following adjustments when using this:

-2 Union Attack

-1 Gravekeeper's Vassal

+1 Piranha Army

+1 Gift of the Martyr

+1 Any card of your choice (I recommend a 3rd Crystal Seer)

With Piranha Army, you only need to boost its ATK to 5000 or above. Keep this in mind when playing with it.

Final turn combo:

1) Normal Summon Piranha Army.

2) Activate Secret Pass to the Treasures, selecting Piranha Army as the target. 

3) Activate Gift of the Martyr, sending Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to the Graveyard and adding its ATK to Piranha Army.

4) Enter the Battle Phase and attack directly with Piranha Army to end the Duel. LV40 Only: If Mokuba activates Negate Attack, activate your Trap Jammer in response.

Alternative to Enchanted Javelin and Aegis of Gaia.

Other options:

  • Nutrient Z
  • The Golden Apples
  • Windstorm of Etaqua

Alternative for the 2nd copy of Union Attack. Chain this to your activation of Union Attack.

Master of Oz

Fusion package, an alternative to the Serket Package. Only use this with Piranha Army.

Apply the following adjustments when using this alternative:
-1 Mystical Beast of Serket

-1 Temple of the Kings

-1 Enchanted Javelin, Aegis of Gaia, or Crystal Seer

-1 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

+1 Des Kangaroo or Fusion Substitute (the other must be the correct one)

+1 Big Koala or Fusion Substitute (the other must be the correct one)

+1 Fusion Gate or Polymerization

+1 Master of Oz

LV30: Fusion Summon Master of Oz at any time when you are safe (prepared to deal with or have dealt with both copies of Ritual Weapon).

LV40: Fusion Summon Master of Oz at any time.

Instead of summoning two The Unhappy Girl, you'll want either one or three. If you have three, Tribute Summon Big Koala by tributing two The Unhappy Girl before the final turn. If you do this, you must Fusion Summon Master of Oz or it is at risk of being destroyed by Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Once you have summoned Master of Oz, feel free to start attacking Mokuba's monsters.