Mako Hammer Shark Deck - Mythic Depths

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Deck by Karmatic
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Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Deck Build
13 Monsters 2 Spells 5 Traps
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Deck Strengths
  • Extremely flexible, many variations can be created and tons of cards can be swapped out depending on your play style and the cards you have access to.
  • Swarming capability, Hammer Shark allows you to swarm the board and quickly gain board control.
  • High beaters with Star Boy ( Hammer can be 2400 ATK with Starboy and Umi).
  • The deck is pretty budget friendly with most cards replaceable with cheaper alternatives.
  • Lost Blue breaker is a free Twister with comboed with Hammer Shark, it can either be used to remove back row, or used offensively if an E-Con is set.
  • Good monster removal.
  • Very strong against Toon Decks.
Deck Weaknesses
  • Relies on the field spell for maximum effectiveness.
  • Relies on Hammer Shark for play making. If all 3 die, the deck will can crumble.
  • Bad match ups  against GraveKeepers and 3 Star Demotion unless you get good backrow. (Ideal Back row would be a combination of E-Con and Mirror Wall).
Deck Summary

Mako was the highlight of the competitive seen in the early months of Duel Links with the Daedalus variant, but counters have been introduced and Daedalus lost his consistency, retiring Mako. With the Addition of Hammer Shark, Mako is slowly recovering from his fall and many variations are coming through.  Hammer Shark has allowed decks to swarm the board and take control as fast as possible with monster presence and being able to defend them with backrow. With combos like Hammer Shark+Lost Blue Breaker, you can easily set up  a strong opening allowing you to remove a field spell like HHG and gaining the stat advantage with monsters.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

The one that revived it all, a must have of 3 copies in every Mako deck at the moment. With Umi on the field it becomes a 1900/1700 beater. With it's unique effect, you can subtract a level to summon a 3* Water monster opening up potential for a good play.


This card will be your easiest monster removal, it lets you destroy any monster that attacks into it.

(1-3 COPIES)

1700 ATK beater that can assist your Hammer Shark on an aggressive play. The effect comes in handy for stalling or used to cripple monsters  that might be too big to get over (Examples: Oracle/Chief/ Dark Magician Girl/ Dunames).

(2-3 COPIES)

This card will serve as your primary spell/trap removal. It’s basically a monster Twister. This card is usually comboed with Hammer Shark (mentioned above) and can be used as back row removal or a 1600 ATK monster. This card will also allow you to destroy Toon Kingdom without activating Curse Of Anubis

(2-3 COPIES)

He serves as your monster “support” boosting all water monsters by 500 is crazy, if you manage to establish a board with him, it will be very difficult to remove. A common opening is Hammershark Star Boy, this makes your HammerShark a 2400 beater  and Star Boy being a 1250/700. Most of the backline actually goes into protecting Star Boy as he’s a priority threat for enemies.

(2-3 COPIES)

Enemy Controller

We all know about this card, not to much to say about it, serves as one of the best utility spells in this game, most cases you use to defend front line.

(1-3 COPIES But can be replaced)

Michizure is a very basic monster removal card that will let you take down any threats; mainly Three Star Demotion threats. Ideally you would want a set Yomi Ship and this card set when your opponent has two monsters, resulting a swinging board in your favor and giving you tempo advantage.


Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

This is a great cheap alternative to Mirror Wall if you don't have it. It can serve the same purpose as a stat modifier, giving your monsters that extra boost to survive the attack. Metalmorph also has it's own pros, as it enables your monster to get rid of large threats.

Dimension Gate

Serves as high utility and can save your monsters at crucial moments. The common E-Con+Dimension Gate can bring you board advantage and take a enemy monster to use as a body later.

Cards that Counter this Deck
Card Explanation

This and Twister can fall into the same category. Commonly used to destroy field spells. This can also be used to "scout" the back line for information and possibly snipe a spell.

Generally a good card that can stop a lot of decks on it's tracks. This can kill your Hammer Shark, disabling you from making plays after the Normal Summon was used up. Can be great against multiple decks

Decks that Counter this Deck