Level 40 Kaiba Farm - Labyrinth Builder (No Apples)

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Deck by aBoxofTim
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Labyrinth Builder
Shuffle 2 cards from your hand into the Deck to create "Labyrinth Wall" on your side of the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
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7 Monsters 9 Spells 4 Traps
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The Paradox Brothers event was a blessing in disguise; in addition to fresh, game-changing skills, the event also gave us an unexpected gem in the form of Dimension Gate. Ignoring its huge impact in the PvP meta, this card allows us to farm Kaiba with even more consistency and for less wallet pain than with Golden Apples. 

Like the skill implies, we will be hiding behind the 3000 DEF of Labyrinth Wall, stats that even BEWD can't break. As always, the two cards to watch out for are D.D. Warrior and Enemy Controller. D.D. will ram into Lab and banish it, while E-Con will always be used to switch Lab to its 0 ATK mode, both of which spell disaster for the farm.

Ironically, our goal is to beat Kaiba to the punch and banish Labyrinth Wall before he can, using Dimension Gate to send it away to a land far from Enemy Controllers' reach. Once this has been accomplished, the farm is secure and Kaiba has no way to kill us. All that's left is to follow these tips to attain the highest assessment score possible!

AI Quirks

  • Important note: The AI has recently been changed such that Kaiba will attack a face-down monster on your 2nd to last turn, even if you have Set backrow. Knowing this, save an open Spell slot to activate Dimensionhole after setting Vassal face-down on your 2nd to last turn
  • If against just Labyrinth Wall, Kaiba will pass every turn unless he has an E-Con or a D.D. Warrior
    • E-Con has been always used to change the position of Labyrinth Wall 
    • D.D. Warriors have always tried to attack Lab Wall (3000 DEF doesn't discourage an attack)
  • If Vassal is summoned during the 2nd to last turn, and if you have at least 1 Set card in your Spell/Trap zone, Kaiba will not attack it
  • If Lab Wall is banished via Dimension Gate, the game is won (provided no misplays leading up to the Win Combo)
  • If you have 1 face-up monster on the field while activating Storm, Kaiba will activate all his E-Cons

We Need to Build a Wall

The key behind this deck is the flexibility of the skill, Labyrinth Builder. Any two cards can be shuffled back into the deck to summon Lab, which greatly increases our success rates. Thus, the only remaining piece for a guaranteed win is Dimension Gate. Between 3 copies of D Gate itself and 2 Cats of Ill Omen, the odds of starting with 1 of those 5 is very high (feel free to test with the Draw Simulator!)

Note: Do not summon Labyrinth Wall unless you have D Gate ready; Kaiba has a 51-60% chance of starting with a D.D. Warrior and won't hesitate to attack. 

With a Dimension Gate in hand, summon Labyrinth Wall and Set the D Gate. Activate Gate the first chance you get by setting your Activation Toggle to ON

Since we're required to shuffle 2 cards back into our deck, we'll need draw power to make sure we deck out first. To this end, we run 2 Jars of Greed and 3 Crystal Seers, the latter providing even more emergency fodder in the rare event our opening hand lacks D Gate or Cat. Jar is preferred over Shard of Greed for two reasons: it provides more immediate draw power and is not susceptible to Twister. 

Win Combo Prep

The decklist above has 7 cards designated as "Essential", and must be saved in the hand until the last or 2nd to last turn. These are:

  • 2 Union Attacks
  • Serket & Temple
  • Secret Pass
  • Lucky Iron Axe
  • Vassal 

Since our max hand capacity is 6 by standard means, Hieroglyph Lithograph is run to prevent hand clutter. 

In the time between banishing Lab Wall and your 2nd to last turn, use any spare Cats or Crystal Seers and ram into Kaiba's monsters to lower your LP below 2000. Lithograph will then lower your LP below 1000 for the extra Low LP bonus. 

During the 2nd to last turn, we should have on the field a:

  • Face-up Dimension Gate
  • Face-down disposable Trap, usually a spare D Gate
  • Face-down Storm
  • Face-down Field Spell (Kaiba will Twister this if it's face-up)

With the above backline setup, proceed to Set Vassal face-down. 

Important Note: AI has now been changed so that Kaiba will attack any face-down monsters, even before your last turn and if protected by set backrow. Compensate by using Dimensionhole right after you set Vassal. 

Win Combo

On your last turn:

  • Activate Storm to wipe Kaiba's entire backline
  • Activate your face-up D Gate and re-summon Lab Wall
  • Flip Vassal face-up
    • Buff it with Secret Pass to the Treasures
    • Use the 2 Union Attacks
  • Play Temple of the Kings
  • Tribute Summon Serket using Lab Wall
  • Activate Temple's effect, summon BEUD
  • Equip BEUD with Lucky Iron Axe
  • Attack directly

This deck achieves 7700 points without Low LP and with 0 glossies / prismatics. By using Cats / Seers in conjunction with Lithograph, dipping below 1000 LP should not be an issue. 


Huge thanks to Mereum90 for the original ideas!

Core Cards
Card Explanation
A Cat of Ill Omen

Searches out Dimension Gate and makes it our next draw. We need to get D Gate ASAP, so both copies from leveling up Ishizu help tremendously. 

Skelengel 2.0. Allows you to choose between the next two cards, followed up by your regular draw.

In the event that you don't start with D Gate or Cat, Seer both provides fodder and excellent draw power.

Array of Revealing Light

While any Field Spell would do (provide 3rd ammo to completely wipe Kaiba's backline), Array acts as a panic button to delay D.D. Warrior for another turn. 

Optimally, this should stay face-down if possible, but in the rare event of no Dimension Gate and facing down imminent defeat, you can declare "Warrior" and hopefully buy another turn. 

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Master of Oz

Can be substituted for BEUD. With Lucky Iron Axe equipped to Oz, Vassal will still hit for 10,100 damage, just enough for the 9999 bonus points. 

Very similar to a deck by MasKScarin, a Piranha Army win combo can be used in place of Vassal / Union Attack.

Simply replace:

  • Serket / Temple
  • Vassal
  • Lucky Iron Axe
  • 2 Union Attacks

Add these new Essential cards:

  • B. Skull Dragon OR Meteor B. Dragon
  • Polymerization 
  • Piranha Army
  • Riryoku
  • Gift of the Martyr

The prep is identical for both methods.

On your last turn:

  • Tribute Lab Wall for Meteor Dragon
  • Fusion Summon your beater
  • Flip Piranha Army face-up, buff it with Secret Pass
  • Use Riryoku: Fusion beater -> Piranha
  • Pop Gift of the Martyr: Fusion beater -> Piranha
  • Attack directly