Last Gamble Doriado

Deck by pahoeho
Deck Overview
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Draw Simulator
Deck Strengths

Surprise factor.

Fuh-Rin counters everything and you can select the right effect for the right situation.

e.g. opponent econ takes your Doriado for a tribute - you can discard 2 cards from his hand to hopefully discard whatever he was going to summon. 

opponent uses order to charge; if you use fuh-rin in response you can destroy his monsters before order to charge can, thus preventing its effect.

opponent plays black illusion ritual: you can either wait for relinquished to be summoned and then destroy it or better - discard 2 cards in his hand (if he has 2 or 3).

Always destroy all spells/traps before destroying all their monsters if you can. Avoids triggering michizure, amongst other things.

Deck Weaknesses

Harpies Hunting Ground - Kind of. It means you can't pre-set your Fuh-Rin. Fuh-Rin counters OTC, but only if you have it set. You have to play around the possibility of OTC. 

This means having multiple copies of Doriado/Ritual Spell in your hand. They OTC the first but it won't matter. 

Other options: Soul exchange to ritual summon. Run enemy-controller and Econ-take ritual summon.

Last Gamble - You have to last until turn 5. You're probably screwed if you roll 1 or 2.

If you can't finish the game after using all 3 Fuh-Rins then you're not gonna win. Works best if your opponent goes all in by summoning a ton of monsters/a boss monster (Relinquished/Oracle/BEWD)/setting a lot of cards.

If Fuh-Rins are at the bottom of your deck you're not going to win. Cat of Ill Omen can potentially prevent this. 

Deck Summary

This is the ultimate counter-punching deck. You can take as much damage as possible and let your opponent set up on the field as much as possible then you destroy everything, discard their hand and attack for game.

Biggest tip: Set toggle to ON when you have Fuh-Rin so you can discard their hand in the draw phase. This shuts down other Last Gamble decks. They can't storm you out if they don't have storm.

The goal is to draw as many Fuh-Rins and Ritual Weapons as you can. Fuh-Rin wipes the board and Doriado has 4200 atk with both Ritual Weapons equipped for a potential OTKO.

Use Sonic Bird and Senju to pull out Doriado and Doriado's Blessing from your deck, thinning it. Stall with Gale Lizard/Windstorm/Kuriboh. 

Don't waste Kuriboh if you're not going to lose as you're pretty much always going to Last Gamble and they can be discarded. 

Also useful: On the Last Gamble turn summon Sonic Bird/Senju first and pull more from the deck. Also if you have it, flip Cat of Ill Omen - this guarantees that you will have at least 1 Fuh-Rin after you Last Gamble.

Last Gamble and ditch off what you don't need it - generally don't need more than 1 Kuriboh/1 set of Doriado + Ritual Spell.


Core Cards
Card Explanation

Must have.

Without being able to pull extra copies of the ritual spell from the deck you'll have to discard important cards for Last Gamble/will have too many useless cards in the deck.

Without being able to pull extra copies of Doriado from the deck you'll have to discard important cards for Last Gamble/will have too many useless cards in the deck.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Replacement for SK. Or use Econ. 

If you don't have that many sonics or senjus, can fill the deck with these. Both effects active with doriado face up.

Cards that Counter this Deck
Card Explanation
Nobleman of Extermination

If you set Fuh-Rin without Doriado out and they use this. Hit that surrender button.