Kangaroo Ctrl

Deck by ken_zeppelin
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Mind Scan
From the third turn and onward, you can see the opponent's set cards as long as your Life Points are 3000 or higher.
Extra Deck
Draw Simulator
Deck Strengths
  • Des Kangaroo early in the game can really take your opponent by surprise to develop a field advantage.
  • Deck contains more backrow utility than monsters to protect your key cards. As a bonus, it has great synergy with Swift Gaia.
  • Very strong against Toons. Getting Master of Oz out is pretty easy against them as they won't target your monsters and most have to wait a turn before attacking. Since Toon Kingdom is generally the only protection they run, Master of Oz will easily get in swings; even dealing 1700 points of damage when attacking TSM. Magic Drain can negate Toon Kingdom's activation if they don't have any other spells in their hand.
  • Mind Scan allows you to plan ahead and see through your opponent's defense, thus preventing you from making a large and risky move at the wrong time. Also lets you use Sergeant Electro to its maximum potential since you can control your opponent's moves. Prevents you from using Magic Drain on a lower threat.
  • Does oddly well against Harpies due to its beatdown potential combined with Mind Scan and Sergeant Electro's backrow lockdown.
  • Sergeant Electro can render Champion's Vigilance useless if summoned ahead of time.
Deck Weaknesses
  • The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion is useless outside of getting Master of Oz out, essentially making it a brick at times where other cards would definitely help a lot more.
  • Although the deck is extremely consistent most times, the game's "shuffling" can really screw you over sometimes. Sergeant Electro can easily be taken out if you have no backrow which neutralizes its effect.
  • Weak against 3*D variants running Barrel Dragon. Your opponent's lucky coin toss can render your backrow useless if it destroys your monster. Strong against all other 3*D variants.
Deck Summary

This deck is an alternate form of a Pegasus Mind Scan deck. It primarily focuses around using Des Kangaroo's effect early on in the game, while using Sergeant Electro to adjust your opponent's backrow as needed. Turns into a strict beatdown deck after this point once Master of Oz is out. Swift Gaia serves as the mini boss once the opportunity arises to end the game. Backrow is used to protect Des Kangaroo and Sergeant Electro to safely summon Master of Oz.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Des Kangaroo is the star player of this deck. Ideally, you always want to set this card with at least one Mirror Wall or Half Shut in your backrow. No one really expects the first one, so it could lead to an immediate field advantage early on in the game. A sneaky way to utilize this guy is to set him down when your opponent kidnaps your Master of Oz with Relinquished. Your opponent will assume that they're safe enough to attack due to the 4200 atk points, but a combo with Mirror Wall and Half Shut is enough to trigger Des Kangaroo's effect.

(3 x copies are crucial)

Not much explanation needed for this guy in a control deck. Through Mind Scan, you'll be able to choose what cards you want to lock down. Use him to lock or bait any possible threats as to allow you to safely bring out Master of Oz. However, Sergeant Electro's attack leaves a lot to desire, so make sure your backrow can protect him. 

(2 - 3 x copies)

Master of Oz

The big guy himself. As you have already dealt with your opponent's threats, all you'll have to do is sit back and watch as your opponent stands terrified in front of his godly pit hair. With such a massive attack stat, a Mirror Wall won't usually be a threat at all. Try to have an econ just in case your opponent manages to seduce the beast to their side. 

(1 - 2 x copies, 1 works just as well since you'll rarely have the opportunity to get another one out)

Pretty self explanatory really. Keep it in your hand as it's pretty much useless on the field alone. Only summon it when you already have a Des Kangaroo on the field, but only when you're absolutely sure you can pull it off. It may be tempting at times, but patience is key as it is with any high risk move.

(1 - 2 x copies, I recommend 2 for consistency even if only 1 MoO is being used)

Half Shut

This card will be used on monsters attacking your Des Kangaroo to trigger its effect. Also works well to stall another turn if your opponent has a field advantage.

(2 - 3 x copies)

Same purpose as Half Shut, but serves the purpose of protecting Sergeant Electro and getting rid of some opposing monsters.

(2 - 3 x copies)

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation

Can be used as a replacement for Swift Gaia if you find that your hand is often too cluttered with monsters.

(1 x copy)

Equally as effective replacement for Enemy Controller. Of course, it has its own unique purposes as well. Nice replacement if Harpies are giving you trouble.

(3 x copies strongly recommended)

Cards that Counter this Deck
Card Explanation

Can spell game over if successfully used on Des Kangaroo.

If Sergeant Electro can successfully lockdown your backrow, then you become very susceptible to a simple beatdown. Luckily, it's relatively easy to take down if you can return the favour with your Sergeant Electro.