High Assessment Points Deck for Stage 33-38 "Flips for Real"& "Magicalhats"

Deck by Karmatic
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
Pack Expense
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Card Trader Expense
Deck Skill

This deck requires no particular skill to be used effectively.

Draw Simulator
Packs to pull to build this deck
Characters to farm to build this deck
Deck Strengths
  • No effort to use! Just hit the "Auto Duel Button" on the top right corner!
  • Very easy to replace cards with, everyone should have glossies of unconditional cards and they are very easy to obtain.
Deck Weaknesses
  • Sadly it doesn't work for ALL AI decks at stage 33-38. It would be nice though!
Deck Summary

This is a deck that will let you autoduel the AI decks "Flips for real" and "Magical Hats" at stage 33-38. It will effectively give you 4,000+ Assessment points depending on how many glossy or prismatics you have in the deck. This deck comes in all sorts of variations and easily replaceable with unconditional cards like heals and field spells. You can filter cards by checking "glossy" and "prismatic" and add cards that you are missing.  This is just a example deck by Little Dooz.