Harpie - Harpies' Hunting Ground

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Deck Skill
Character Skill
Harpies' Hunting Ground
Begin Duel with the Field Spell "Harpies' Hunting Ground" activated.
Deck Build
10 Monsters 6 Spells 4 Traps
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Seto Kaiba
Deck Strengths
  • Very easy access to non-specific Spell/Trap removal. Face up, face down, field spells, no spell/trap is safe from Harpies Hunting Ground.
  • Consistent with access to 3x copies of Harpie Ladies, numerous 1800+ beaters, and Birdface in order to search out Ladies.
  • The deck can use Order to Charge to deal with any big threats that can't be beaten down.
  • Access to Elegant Egotist + Harpie Lady Sisters. The two card combo of a Harpie Lady + Egotist is devastating, destroying two spell/traps and giving the Harpie player a free 2150 beater.
Deck Weaknesses
  • Very reliant on the field spell, if Hunting Grounds is destroyed early in the duel, the Harpie player is in for a rough duel.
  • The deck has a very linear playstyle and is extremely popular on the ranked ladder. As such, many players know how to counter the deck or include specific anti-Harpie techs such as Security Orb and Wild Tornado.
  • Weak to decks that either set little backrow (forcing Harpie players to destroy their own field spell) or that use Storm to clear Harpie's backrow. Without their spell/trap support the deck is vulnerable to simply being overrun by higher attack monsters.
  • Has a poor matchup against Weevil with Burning Land. Without their field spell, they have few ways of removing Masks or breaking through walls like Cocoon.
Deck Summary

With the release of Wonders of the Sky, Harpies gained some much needed support. The addition of Birdface and Sonic Duck were enough to push this deck from a decent option to top tier threat overnight. The lack of generic spell and trap destruction in the game gives this deck a unique advantage: it can answer spells and traps without having to play Twister/De-Spell while also having access to numerous 1800+ attack normal summons. The hardest part about building this deck is getting the ‘Harpies’ Hunting Ground’ Skill on Mai.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

Under the Hunting Ground, this card becomes a powerful 1800/1800 attacker and can search a Harpie Lady if destroyed by battle. This allows Birdface to run into Mirror Walls and force your opponent to risk giving you a Harpie Lady search. 1800 DEF is also nothing to sneeze at, and can completely wall some decks. 

At least one copy is preferred, run anywhere from 1 to 3 copies. 

1900 attack with Hunting Ground and able to play around 4-Star Ladybug of Doom, and is also a normal monster for Order to Charge. Is unfortunately weak to Possessed Dark Soul, but is still worth running as it's the highest attack monster Harpies can normal summon. 

Run x3

The best version of 'Harpie Lady', she grants 300 attack to all wind monsters. Not an Order to Charge target, but the boost helps deal with bigger beaters without being forced to use your spell/trap support. Level reward for level 35 Mai Valentine.

Run x1

The generic 'Harpie Lady' that can be searched by Birdface and is also a target for Order to Charge. Somewhat weak 1500/1600 stats under Hunting Ground, but the spell/trap destruction is very much worth it. 

Run x2

Generic monster destruction and one of the most iconic spells in the game right now. Very useful to deal with any problem monsters you are unable to attack over.

Run x2-3

Dimension Gate

A recent addition the Harpie deck, Dimension Gate is an insanely versatile card for the deck. Defensively, it can be used to dodge power cards like Soul Exchange, Relinquished suck, or Enemy Controller steals. Offensively, it can be used to banish a Harpie or permanently steal your opponent's monster. Because it special summons the monster again, it allows you retain control of stolen monsters or destroy another card with a re-summoned Harpie. With so much utility, Dimension Gate should find its way into almost every Harpie decklist. 

Run x1-2

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Big Bang Shot

Good card for Harpies, providing an attack boost + piercing damage, or permanent monster removal when paired up with a Harpie summon. 

Run x0-1

Wild Tornado can be used similar to Big Bang Shot as generic removal when combined with a Harpie summon, or as a spell/trap removal during your opponent's turn. Tornado is extremely useful in the mirror match, as it can punish your opponent blindly destroying face-downs. 

Run x0-2

Cards that Counter this Deck
Card Explanation

One of the more common counters, simply destroy the field spell and the Harpie deck will run into issues. Can also be used to get rid of set Order to Charges or Enemy Controllers, but that application is difficult without using Mind Scan.

Security Orb's strengths against Harpies are two fold. Most obviously, it can stop an attack and stall them out for a turn. The second effect is the important one when dealing with Harpies though, if the Harpie player uses Hunting Grounds on Security Orb, you can destroy their Harpie Lady for free. Orb is a good card in general, and the ability to punish Harpies makes it a very good choice to main deck.

As an anti-Harpie card, it's used very similarly to Security Orb, however its primary effect is less useful than Orb. Wild Tornado's wording prevents it from destroying HHG proactively, but if the Harpie player destroys Tornado, you can destroy any face-up card on the field.

Decks that Counter this Deck