Give 100,000%: Farm Super Joey Level 40 (Non Union Attack)

Deck by aBoxofTim
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Deck Summary

As far as brute force goes, Super Joey boasts considerable power, such as the ability to OTK with 2 REBD's. In addition to this, he also packs backline removal, and an Enemy Controller analog(heh). This makes us adopt very specific strategies for getting to our end game win combos.

Trouble Cards:

  • Kunai with Chain
    • Position changer and 500 ATK equip all in one
    • Important to note: when Storm’ing the backline
      • Joey will panic chain, meaning he can only activate the 500 ATK boost effect
      • This leaves you free to target the other Set backline
  • Spiritual Wind Art-Miyabi
    • Nasty monster removal that can mess up the farm if not dealt with
    • Note: tribute must be Wind type, meaning the 3 Vanguards and 2 REBD do not qualify
    • He will use this on Unhappy Girls, do not toss your 3rd copy
  • Stamping Destruction (x2)
    • Do not set any important farm spells
    • Can lower you to lethal range while removing your defense
    • Its necessary to run bait to draw these out
  • Red-Eyes B. Dragon
    • If it finds its way to the Graveyard, it can come back via Spirit, Vanguard, or Wyvern
    • Can OTK if 2 REBD’s find an unguarded Unhappy Girl
  • Desert Twister
    • Another reason why we can’t blow through his frontline
    • Inevitably, he’ll tribute some monsters for REBD, so Earth/Wind monsters will end up in the Graveyard
    • Still, the odds of seeing this are pretty low, as the field is usually locked down as 2 REBD & a 4 star
    • Curiously, even if he has a full hand and you have some Set backline, Joey won’t opt to use DT’s effect on some occasions

Early Game:

We'll be using the tried and true Piranha/Oz. If the Yugi Moto event still has you Union-less, this method will never let you down.

You’ll want to get out 3 Unhappy Girls ASAP, with a spare Rai-Mei/Crystal Seer on the side in case he pops Miyabi early.

Set any Javelins/E-Con/Windstorm/Sec Orbs. Anything not essential to the final Win Combo is Storm ammo.

Unless both Stamping Destruction’s have been popped, do not set any farm spells. If you do, be sure to use the farm spells before Storm’ing.

Don’t forget to leave 1 open slot for Storm!

Important: When given the chance, activate 1 Javelin to keep your LP out of lethal range. The 2 SD’s will take you to 3000 LP, and without cover you will die to REBD+any other monster.

Win Combo

On your 2nd to last turn:

  • With 2 Set spell/trap cards ready (usually Javelins), activate Storm
  • With 3 monsters on the field, tribute 2 for Des Koala

On your last turn:

  • Summon Piranha Army
  • Fusion Summon Master of Oz
  • Use Secret Pass to the Treasures on Piranha
  • Use Gift of the Martyr: Oz ⇒ Piranha
  • Attack directly for 10000 clean