Farm L40 ParaBros | Budget | Non UA | 7000+

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Deck by Mournful
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Holy Guard
You receive no battle damage during your turn.
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11 Monsters 6 Spells 3 Traps
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Paradox is unable to field any monster removal or debilitating effects, making them highly vulnerable to The Unhappy Girl/Holy Guard lockdown decks. Almost any version of an Unhappy Girl farm deck will work against them; this one has been optimized for Duel Assessment, giving at least 7000 without any glossy or prismatic cards. Since there are almost no threats to The Unhappy Girl, it frees up the entirety of the deck to max out our Assessment Score, allowing us to run a Tribute, Ritual, and Fusion Summon without being punished.

What is Unhappy Girl Lockdown?

If you are unfamiliar with The Unhappy Girl farm decks, the basic premise is using The Unhappy Girl's effect to prevent your opponent's monsters from being able to attack or change battle position, rendering them useless. You can also search The Unhappy Girl via Rai-mei's effect if you do not draw The Unhappy Girl in your starting hand. This lockdown should be maintained until the final turn when you can perform Special Summons combined with either Gravekeeper's Vassal or Piranha Army to deal over 10k damage to your opponent.

How to Play

The deck is very straightforward to pilot; once you draw The Unhappy Girl, summon her and attack whatever has the highest ATK on your opponent's side of the field. You are protected from Battle Damage due to Holy Guard, and don't have to worry about getting low in LP. Any time Paradox summons a new monster, make sure to attack it to lock it down. If you do not start with The Unhappy Girl, set or crash Rai-mei to activate her effect, allowing you to search The Unhappy Girl from your deck.

During the course of the duel, summon 1 additional copy of The Unhappy Girl to the field, so that you have 2 copies on the field; you only need to lock down your opponent's monsters with 1 copy.

End Game

On your second to last turn:

  • Set either Curse of Dragon by Tributing The Unhappy Girl.

On your last turn:

  • Summon Piranha Army
  • Fusion Summon Gaia the Dragon Champion
  • Ritual Summon Burger using any remaining copies of The Unhappy Girl on the field, otherwise tribute from your hand
  • Activate Secret Pass to the Treasure FIRST then pop the Gifts of the Martyr 
  • Attack directly for over 10k damage

If the ParaBros activate Monster Gate, they have the potential to deck out before you do. Activate Pot of Benevolence if this becomes an issue.

You can Set any last turn Spells if your hand becomes too full since Paradox can't clear them.

Note: the goal of this deck is to reach as high of a score as possible since the base engine is already highly consistent. As such, feel free to replace the Fusion/Ritual/Tribute summons with anything else you have that is glossy, provided that you will be left with 2 monsters whose combined ATK is greater than or equal to 4200. Regardless of however you combo it, make sure you have 1 of each type of Summon and you can buff Piranha Army to 5k ATK.

Core Cards
Card Explanation

The Unhappy Girl's effect prevents any monster it battles with from declaring an attack or switching its position and prevents it from being destroyed by battle as long as it remains in face-up attack position, making it one of the best lockdown cards in the game when paired with Holy Guard, which allows you to attack your opponent without receiving Battle Damage. As soon as you draw her, being locking down Para/Dox's monsters by attacking whatever has the highest ATK on the field. They will not attack into The Unhappy Girl unless they can deal lethal damage, which they will be unable to field in a single turn.

Try to run 3 copies for consistency.

Rai-Mei's effect allows you to search for a Level 2 or lower Light Monster when destroyed by battle. This allows us to search for The Unhappy Girl if we open with Rai-Mei.

Try to run 3 copies for consistency.

Piranha Army's effect allows it to deal double damage when attacking your opponent directly. This allows it to easily reach 10k damage in combination with Gift of the Martyr.

Only 1 copy is needed.

Secret Pass to the Treasures

Secret Pass to the Treasures allows 1 monster with 1000 ATK or less to attack your opponent directly. This will be used on Piranha Army on your final turn. 

Only 1 copy is needed.

Gift of the Martyr

Gift of the Martyr sends one monster you own to the Graveyard to add its original ATK to another monster. This allows you to destroy your Tribute/Fusion/Ritual Monsters to buff up Piranha Army on your final turn to get it to 5k ATK.

Run 1 copy if you have Master of Oz or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, 2 copies otherwise.

Pot of Benevolence allows you to shuffle 2 cards from either players' Graveyard into their respective decks. In case Paradox mills multiple cards with Monster Gate, this allows you to still deck out first by shuffling those cards back into their deck.

Run 1-2 copy.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Fusion Gate

Fusion Gate can replace Polymerization with the added benefit of not occupying the Spell/Trap zone. This allows you to more easily bank cards for your final turn.