BUDGET Level 40 Yugi Moto - Unhappy Girl

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Deck by aBoxofTim
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Holy Guard
You receive no battle damage during your turn.
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11 Monsters 5 Spells 4 Traps
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Deck Summary

Aiming to be as accessible as possible, this deck contains only free / Normal / Rare cards, with the exception of one SR,  Shooting Star Bow - Ceal from Neo Impact. 

Fusion Substitutes

The Fusion monster can be your choice of:

  • Meteor B. Dragon
  • B. Skull Dragon
  • Master of Oz
  • Anything over 3000 ATK

What to look out for:

Right off the bat, Yugi's Magnet Warrior deck has plenty of dangerous cards:

  • Golem Sentry (x2)
    • Guardian Statue's older brother
    • Higher DEF than its counterpart
  • Guardian Sphinx (x2)
    • Guardian Statue's abusive uncle
    • Needs 1 Tribute
    • Returns entire frontline to your hand
  • Megarock Dragon (x1)
    • Removes any # of Rock types from the Graveyard for +700 stats each
    • Can overwhelm if you choose to clear Yugi's monsters and don't have defenses Set
  • Order to Charge (x2)
    • Yugi has 6 Normal monsters: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and 3 Giant Soldiers of Stone
    • Pack 3 Riryoku Fields to counteract
  • Sphere Kuriboh (x1)
    • Can bait it out by attacking with Master of Oz before your last turn
    • Pack 1 Abyssal Designator to be safe
  • A Feint Plan (x1)
    • Yugi rarely uses this card
    • Can buy a turn to protect face-down Sentries / Sphinxes, potentially return your frontline to your hand

Unhappy Girl Lockdown

To ensure safety against Sentry / Sphinx but without providing ammo for Megarock Dragon, we go with Unhappy Girl lockdown as the go-to farming choice. Tea's skill, Holy Guard, protects us from battle damage during our Battle Phase, so UG can ram into enemy monsters with no drawbacks. This prevents them from both attacking and switching positions. Most importantly, when pinned down, Sentry / Sphinx can still flip themselves face-down, but cannot be Flip summoned unless UG is out of commission.

Rai-Meis and Crystal Seers act as searching and draw power respectively, making sure you can get out your UG's ASAP.

Win Combo

On your 2nd to last turn, while you have 3 Unhappy Girls out, Tribute 2 of them for REBD / Des Koala

On your last turn:

  • Summon Vassal
  • Use Magicians Unite: Vassal @ 3000 ATK
  • Fusion Summon your beater
  • Pop Gift of the Martyr: Vassal @  >6000 ATK
  • Equip Shooting Star Bow to Vassal @ >5000 ATK, attack directly
  • Score 7000 assessment points with minimal glossies

Note: this deck also works against Level 30 Yugi Muto. Simply substitute the Riryoku Fields for 3 Abyssal Designators to combat the 3 Sphere Kuribohs.

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Secret Pass to the Treasures

Alternative to Shooting Star Bow - Ceal, allows Vassal to attack directly.

Breath of Light

All-purpose panic button. All of Yugi's monsters are Rock, so this card can wipe the field in a pinch. Note, only works on face-up monsters. 

For those without either Secret Pass or Shooting Star Bow.

On your last turn, use Dark-Piercing Light, then Breath of Light (sub out Windstorm of Etaqua) for a full frontline wipe, then attack directly unimpeded.

B. Skull Dragon

Can also be replaced with Master of Oz. 

Any Fusion monster with over 3000 ATK will do.

Replacements for Crystal Seer can be any monster that gives draw power, such as Mimics.

Cards such as Shard / Jar of Greed can also be used, but monsters are preferable as they provide frontline fodder in the rare event that you don't start with UG or Rai-Mei.

Array of Revealing Light

Declare Rock; Great way to defend your LP should you lose / not draw UG early.