Deck by aBoxofTim
Deck Overview
Deck Consistency
Pack Expense
Farm Expense
Card Trader Expense
Deck Skill
Character Skill
Endless Trap Hell
Can be used when you have 3 trap cards in the Graveyard. 1 random Trap Card in your Graveyard is added to your hand. Then, shuffle all Trap Cards in your Graveyard into your Deck. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Parasite Infestation
After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck, face up. 
Deck Build
8 7 4 1
Monsters: 10
Spells: 4
Traps: 6
Monster Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Amazoness Princess
ATK: 1200 DEF: 900

This card's name becomes "Amazoness Queen" while on the field or in the GY. If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Amazoness" Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Amazoness Princess" once per turn. When this card declares an attack: You can send 1 other card from your hand or field to the GY; Special Summon 1 "Amazoness" monster from your Deck in Defense Position, except "Amazoness Princess".

UR 3
Amazoness Paladin
ATK: 1700 DEF: 300

This card gains 100 ATK for each "Amazoness" monster you control.

UR 1
Amazoness Queen
ATK: 2400 DEF: 1800

"Amazoness" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle.

UR 1
Amazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Swords Woman
ATK: 1500 DEF: 1600

Your opponent takes all Battle Damage that you would have taken from a battle involving this card.

SR 3
Amazoness Baby Tiger
ATK: 500 DEF: 500

This card's name becomes "Amazoness Tiger" while on the field or in the GY. If an "Amazoness" monster is Normal or Special Summoned to your field while this card is in your hand or GY: You can Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of "Amazoness Baby Tiger" once per turn. Gains 100 ATK for each "Amazoness" card in your GY.

R 2
Spell Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Chalice

Target 1 face-up monster on the field; until the end of this turn, that target gains 400 ATK, but its effects are negated.

SR 2
Super Rush Headlong

Target 1 face-up monster you control and declare 1 Attribute; if that target battles an opponent's monster with that Attribute this turn, destroy that opponent's monster at the start of the Damage Step.

SR 1
Jade Insect Whistle
Jade Insect Whistle
Jade Insect Whistle

Your opponent selects 1 Insect-Type Monster from their Deck. After shuffling the Deck, place the card on top of the Deck.

N 1
Trap Card
Card Rarity Quantity
Paleozoic Canadia

Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change it to face-down Defense Position. Once per Chain, when a Trap Card is activated while this card is in your GY: You can Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (Aqua/WATER/Level 2/ATK 1200/DEF 0). (This card is NOT treated as a Trap.) If Summoned this way, this card is unaffected by monster effects, also banish it when it leaves the field.

UR 2
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole

When your opponent Summons a monster(s): Change that monster(s) to face-down Defense Position. Monsters changed to face-down Defense Position by this effect cannot change their battle positions.

UR 1
Amazoness Willpower

Select 1 "Amazoness" monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it in Attack Position. It cannot change its battle position and must attack if able. When this card is removed from the field, destroy that monster. When that monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

SR 1
Amazoness Onslaught

Once per turn, during the Battle Phase: You can Special Summon 1 "Amazoness" monster from your hand, and if you do, it gains 500 ATK until the end of this turn (even if this card leaves the field). After damage calculation, if your "Amazoness" monster battled an opponent's monster while this card is already face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone: You can banish that opponent's monster. If this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the GY: You can target 1 "Amazoness" monster in your GY; Special Summon it.

R 2
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Elegant Mai
Deck Strengths


  • Since the core engine isn't too large, they can fit in tech cards to deal with any meta decks that are giving them trouble. 
  • To defeat the mirror match or stall decks, use Vision Hero Witch Raider.
  • To defeat Fur Hire, use Paleozoic Canadia or Forbidden Chalice.

Swords Woman: 

Places your opponent in a lose-lose scenario:

  • Have their monster banished.
  • Damage themselves and have their monster banished.
  • Discourages bosses (Dyna, Reaper, Anki)


  • Messes up various engines such as Destiny Hero Celestial and Fur Hires.
  • Prevents revivals by Powerful Rebirth, enemy Onslaught/Willpowers, and Mayhem Fur Hire. 
  • Removes battle-immune threats such as Saffira/Angels or enemy Queens
  • Your own monsters are either battle-immune or easily revived which quickly drains your opponent's monster pool.
Deck Weaknesses
  • 1 - dimensional strategy; heavily reliant on Princess to set the table.
  • Vulnerable to backrow destruction, especially with only 2 Amazoness Onslaught. 
  • Susceptible to stall / backrow heavy decks
  • Weak to monster destruction
    • Archfiends, Fur Hires, Geargias
    • Offerings to the Doomed, Treacherous Trap Hole 
  • Effect negation - Chalice onto Princess heavily dampens your momentum.
  • Though considered their power creep, Amazons are entirely shut down by SSA
  • CAUTION when using Queen: Watch your LP; remember Princess only has 1200 ATK. Your opponent might just pummel her for lethal if Queen is keeping her battle-immune. 

Deck Summary

Elegant Mai, Valiant Souls, and an increased level cap come together to propel Amazons from Lava Golem's accomplice to top tier. With the help of Endless Trap Hell or Parasite Infestation, Amazons excel at consistently setting up a losing situation for your opponent and climbing the ladder. Amazons now possess a unique combination of qualities that give even Fur Hires a run for their money. 

  • Search power
  • Swarming
  • Banishing
  • Battle immunity
  • Flexiblity

Games will revolve around getting Princess out, searching Onslaught, then Special Summoning Queen to create an invincible wall of banishing fun. If your opponent cannot target down Queen or Onslaught, they will quickly find themselves out of usable monsters and with 0 LP. 

Parasite Infestation:

Infestation doesn't directly impact Amazon's win condition, but it's an anti-meta choice that helps against some meta matchups. Parasite Paracide counters Spellbooks (preventing them from using Spellbook of Fate or Summoning Silent Magician) and clogs the monster zones for Fur Hires or Masked Hero. The burn makes it easier to finish opponents with Swordswoman. 

Endless Trap Hell: 

This variant of the deck removes the spells in favor of even more traps, improving the Fur Hire matchup even further. Cards such as Wall of Disruption, Floodgate Trap Hole, and Paleozoic Canadia can be recycled with the skill and are very strong against Masked Heroes and Fur Hire. Note: the skill is particularly powerful with Treacherous Trap Hole, making dead copies live or using it twice. 

Matchup Notes


  • The mirror is about who can banish the other's monster pool faster.
  • Fill your GY with Baby Tiger (or any monster) ASAP
    • Once both Onslaughts are active, Baby Tiger & Willpower will be unable to revive.
    • Baby Tiger's extra fodder will help win the resource war.
  • Cosmic Cyclone and Witch Raider are strong choices to gain Onslaught advantage.
  • Treacherous Trap Hole and effect negation heavily cut enemy momentum.

Fur Hires:

  • Amazoness Onslaught is very tricky for Fur Hires to deal with, be sure to activate it ASAP as soon as you see a monster Fur Hire. If it's face-down, Onslaught can be destroyed by Recon (even if you chain Onslaught to Recon) or negated by Wiz. The only way for Fur Hires to deal with it are to destroy it with Donpa or destroy your face up monsters and OTK. 
  • Swordswoman is strong in this matchup, attacking into Dyna or a defense mode Wiz can deal a lot of damage for free. 
  • Be careful about double Dyna boards, two Dyna at the same time with prevent you from attacking at all, negating the usefulness of Onslaught. 
  • Techs such as Forbidden Chalice or Paleozoic Canadia are helpful, to stop their plays and give yourself time to establish a board. 

Masked Heroes:

  • Masked Heroes are a strong matchup for Amazons, since they rely entirely on the battle phase to get rid of threats. 
  • The only way Masked Heroes can deal with Onslaught is Cosmic Cyclone, if they don't draw it, they're at the the mercy of Amazon banishing. 
  • Onslaught banishes Celestial, preventing them from drawing 2 cards. 
  • Watch your life points, Vision Hero Trinity's 5000 ATK deals 3800 damage through Princess, or Anki with Chalice can attack directly for 3200 damage. Amazons will almost certainly win the grind game, so Masked Heroes have to win through an OTK or lots of battle damage. 


  • Spellbooks in general struggle with aggressive swarming decks. Fielding a large field of Amazons can put pressure on Spellbooks. 
  • If Fate snipes your Onslaughts, Silent Magician can run away with the duel. 
  • Silent Magician doesn't have any protection from Onslaught though, so maintaining Onslaught can whittle down their spellcaster monsters. 
  • Having Queen active can prevent Power plays(heh).
  • Using Canadia or Floodgate to set their spellcaster monsters stops them from using Fate, which is a crippling blow to their power plays. 
Core Cards
Card Explanation

The bread and butter. Courtesy of Elegant Mai, this girl searches out Onslaught and sets up Queen all in one turn. On revival, she searches out an additional Onslaught/Willpower. A big reason why most decks run effect negation when they can. 

Note: Her paltry 1200 ATK is poor suited to the high ATK bosses of the current OTK meta. Exercise caution when searching out Queen and watch your LP.

Don't play the deck unless you own 3.

The solid wall and main boss. If your opponent can't remove or banish her in time, you will be hard pressed to lose a game with Queen + Onslaught active. 

Run the 1 copy in game. 

Amazoness Swords Woman

Swordswoman is a fairly solid 1500/1600 body, but with Onslaught and Queen up she becomes a terrifying source of damage and removal. She can be used offensively to deal with threats such as Dyna or Anki, or defensively to punish attacking. 

Run 3.

Swarming fodder and part-time Princess ammo to get out Queen. Can also revive from the Graveyard on any Amazon summon, so this little guy is very cost efficient. If your opponent fails to remove Onslaught, Baby Tiger can be a huge thorn in their side since he can block an attack and banish something with Onslaught. 

Run 2-3.

The backbone of this deck. Pretty much no current meta deck can make use of banished Monsters, so you will disrupt any revival engines and eventually exhaust your opponent's resources. 

The ATK boost and swarming effect combined with revival upon destruction establishes very strong board presence. 

Run the 2 copies allowed.

Similar to Powerful Rebirth, but is searchable by Princess. 

Can revive Queen or Princess, but forces her to attack, and her life is bound to the card. 

Run 1 copy.

A good tech against the swarm of Fur Hire decks, Canadia flips them facedown before they can use their effects. It also: flips Spellcasters facedown so they can't use fate and stops enemy Princess/Masked Hero attacks. 

Run 0-2 depending on the meta.

Forbidden Chalice

Another tech, this one is more versatile than Canadia, but arguably not as good. The effect negation can stun Spellbooks and Fur Hires before they set up, but it is not very impactful late game. 

Run 0-2 depending on the meta.

SRH is strong to protect Amazons from strong bosses such as Dyna or Anki, or from the mirror match. The extra removal before entering the damage step is useful, to protect Life Points or important monsters such as Princess. 

0-2 are recommended. 

Replacement/Tech Cards
Card Explanation
Cosmic Cyclone

Not hugely useful against Fur Hire, but Cyclone has the benefit of sniping problem cards like Spellbook of Fate or Treacherous Trap Hole AND triggering Switcheroo. If you're running Switcheroo, Cyclones are recommended to activate it easily. 

0-2 are recommended depending on what you're facing. 

TTH might seem unwise to use alongside a plethora of Trap cards, but on paper, your Onslaughts should never hit the Graveyard. At worst, they are banished via Spellbook of Fate or Cosmic Cyclone, so TTH is still viable.

Note: Endless Trap Hell shuffles traps from the GY to the deck, making TTH even more viable. 

0-1 are recommended in place of Canadia, 2 for Endless Trap Hell.

Floodgate Trap Hole

An alternative to Paleozoic Canadia, Floodgate Trap Hole is less reactive, but lasts longer. Floodgate is still great to shut down Fur Hires and lock down more decks, but Canadia is generally preferred since it can be used at any point instead of only on summon. 

Replace missing copies of Canadia with Floodgate, or in Endless Trap Hell variant, run both. 

Wall of Disruption

WOD, after all this time, is still a fantastic card against swarm decks. With all the aggressive decks this meta, WOD can blow out the majority of the meta game, demolishing the mirror match, Fur Hire, and Masked Heroes. Be careful about using WOD though, decks are adapting to include Hey, Trunade! or Wiz to deal with it. 

0-2 copies are recommended in place of SRH, particularly with Endless Trap Hell.