Deck Builder Guide


The Deck Builder tool helps you plan out, build, and test decks. Click on cards to add them to your deck, and then use the Deck Simulator to simulate your draws. Registered users have access to additional features, such as saving decks to their account for later viewing/editing, and submitting their decks for a chance to get featured on the front page.

To take full advantage of this tool, we recommend that you create an account.

For All Users

The Deck Builder and Deck Simulator sections may be used by everyone, regardless of whether or not they're logged in.

Deck Builder

Gamepress Duel Links Deck Simulator 1

The Deck Builder section is where you can add cards to your deck. It is further split into three sections. They are, from left to right: Filters, Main/Extra Deck, and Card List.

The Card List section, located on the right, contains a list of every card currently in the game. To add a card to your current deck, simply click on the card's image. The list may also be narrowed down from the "Filters" section.

The Filters section, located on the left, contains several filters to make browsing the card list easier. At the very top is a search box that you can use to search card titles. Below that are filters that can be toggled on/off for narrowing down the list to specific card types.

The Main/Extra Deck section contains your currently selected cards. Like in the real game, your main deck may only hold up to thirty cards, while your extra deck may hold up to five. In addition, neither deck may hold more than three copies of a card. To remove a card from your deck, click the white "x" icon on the top right of the card you want to remove.

Deck Simulator

Gamepress Duel Links Draw Simulator

After adding cards to your deck, you can use the Deck Simulator to simulate how your draws throughout a duel will go. To use the simulator, you must have at least four cards added to your Main Deck. The first time you click the "Draw" button, it will draw four cards - your opening hand. Every subsequent click will draw one card, stopping when the deck runs out. Clicking the "Reset" button will reset the deck and your drawn cards. Adding/removing a card from the Main or Extra deck will also the deck simulator.

For Registered Users

Registered users may save decks to their account to edit later. Saved decks may also be seen by others, who can comment on them and leave feedback.

How to Save a Deck

Gamepress Duel Links Deck Simulator

To save a deck, first fill out your Main and Extra decks, as explained above. Then scroll down and fill out all of the relevant fields. They're all optional, but recommended to provide insight into your deck for anyone that may happen upon it. Well-thought-out and insightful explanations also increase your deck's chances of being featured. The fields are as follows:

Deck Title The title of the deck. Defaults to
"<username>'s Deck".
Deck Summary A summary of the deck, such as how to play it, the important cards, etc.
Deck Strengths The deck's strengths, why they are strengths, how to capitalize on those strengths, etc.
Deck Weaknesses The deck's weaknesses, what to watch out for, ways the deck can be countered, etc.
Farming Points (for Farming Decks) How many points your deck typically earns in a duel. See the Score Guide for more info.
Decks good farming against (for Farming Decks) Which opponents this deck is good for farming on.
Deck Consistency How consistently the deck can play well/win or how not-reliant on luck it is.
Pack Expense How expensive it is to get the pack-exclusive cards for the deck.
Farm Expense How hard it is to get the character drop-exclusive cards for the deck.
Card Trader Expense How expensive it is to get the Card Trader-exclusive cards for the deck.
Deck Skill The deck skill to use for the deck.

When you're done, click the "Save" button to save the deck.

Gamepress Approved Decks

From time to time, members of our team will browse user-submitted decks. Decks that we deem to be of exceptional quality will be featured on the decks page.


If you have any feedback/feature requests or find any bugs with the tool, feel free to send us a message.