Wonders of the Sky

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In Last Gamble, Desert Twister is the boss monster that ties the entire strategy together. It has what most decks want in a boss monster, relatively easy summoning condition, solid effect to clear out threatening backrow, and a beefy 2300 ATK that beats over most meta monsters. Combined with the Last Gamble's ability to rapidly put Earth/Wind monsters in the graveyard, it's very easy to drop multiple Desert Twisters and OTK.  

3x copies are recommended for Last Gamble, 0-1x copies otherwise. 

A card I'm sure most readers are very familiar with, this card's release unleashed Harpie's reign of terror on the metagame. A 1900 attacker under Hunting Ground and a level 3 to dodge 4-Starred, this gave Harpies the key offensive presence they were previously lacking. Paired up with Birdface, this card allowed Harpies to have the highest attack in the meta on top of their already strong ability to destroy spells and traps for free. A top tier card in Harpies. 

3x copies are strongly recommended. 

Along with Birdface, Harpies got a new toy in the form of Birdface. With solid 1800/1800 stats under Hunting Ground and the ability to search Harpie Ladies when it's destroyed, Birdface is a unique tool in the deck. It can survive E-Cons and Sphere Kuribohs with its solid 1800 DEF, it can run into Mirror Walls without losing card advantage, and 1800 ATK is high enough to beat over anything except Dunames. A very strong card in Harpies. 

1-3x copies are recommended for Harpies. 

With a solid 1900 ATK under Yami, Diskblade allows Fiend decks to compete with Sonic Duck and Dinosaurs. In addition, his effect can beef him up to 2200/2400, which defeats almost everything in the meta for a low cost. 

1-2x copies are recommended. 

Big Bang Shot

A multi-faceted card, Big Bang Shot sees some usage in Harpies and Desert Twister decks. Its benefits are two-fold, it can act as an equip spell and provide a decent attack boost + piercing, or act as spot removal when paired up with a Harpie summon or spell/trap destruction. Using it as an equip spell is very risky as it may banish your own monster, but similarly to Wild Tornado it has a great amount of utility in decks that can take advantage of it. 

1x copy is recommended. 

Atmosphere functions like a slightly budget version of Relinquished. It doesn't have the same battle protection and reflect damage, but the easier summoning condition makes it far more splashable than Relinquished, while still retaining the power to swing a game immediately. Specifically, Venus decks can pack the Atmosphere as a powerful boss monster to close the duel out. 

1x copy is recommended for Venus decks, 0x copies otherwise. 

B. Skull Dragon

B. Skull Dragon isn't anything special, but it gets an honorable mention as a farming card for those who are unable to acquire the more powerful fusion monsters in full boxes. B. Skull's status as a SR and 3500 fusion monster make it an acceptable replacement in certain farming decks that require a high attack fusion monster. 

1x copy is recommended if you don't have a higher attack fusion monster. 

In a metagame where everyone is prepared for Mirror Wall, Rising Energy can catch many people off-guard. Unlike Mirror Wall, Rising Energy is a lot more versatile, capable of being used offensively, aggressively in order to push more damage through, or defensively in order to protect your monster. However, it comes with a 1 card discard cost, which significantly weakens the card and makes it a very bad card to topdeck.

It is also worth noting that the large attack boost can occasionally help hit a damage threshold in farming. 

0-1x copies are recommended.

Benevolence is a very useful card for farming decks of all flavors. It can be used in Cerberus to recycle key cards that you may have been forced to use early, it can be used against Legendary Duelists to make sure they deck out before you, or if something goes wrong, it can recycle combo pieces. Extremely versatile, Benevolence has a spot in almost all farming decks. 

1-3x copies are strongly recommended for farming. 

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