Visions of Ice

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The single most popular PvP card for a good reason, Treacherous Trap Hole (TTH) has cemented itself as a staple in almost every deck in Duel Links. TTH is the cheapest removal in the entire game, for the cost of just TTH and no other traps in the grave, you can destroy 2 monsters and immediately break an opponent's field. It's obviously fantastic in decks that don't use traps anyways (such as Masked Heroes or Fur Hire), but even in decks that do use traps, it's often worth it to use TTH because it's just that powerful. In a similar vein, a lot of decks will use 2/3 TTH because the increased chances of drawing TTH is worth the risk of drawing extra copies later. 

1-2 copies are essential for PvP, it is the singular best card in Duel Links. 

Magician of Prophecy (AKA Blue Boy) is the glue that holds Spellbooks together. The deck was at its peak before the restart nerf, but even afterwards, the addition of Silent Magician puts Spellbooks in a strong position to defeat the meta. For the full explanation of the Spellbook engine and why Blue Boy is so good, check the Silent Spellbooks guide

3 copies are essential for Spellbooks.

A bit of a niche card, White Night Dragon is a tough to remove threat, much like Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. White Night can protect itself from any targeting Spell/Traps (including TTH), which shines in certain metas, but unfortunately not in this one. Too many decks can remove White Night Dragon now, but he has great potential in any deck that can spam level 8 dragons. 

1-2 are recommended for Dragon decks. 

Even though Tricky isn't used tremendously often, he fills a niche that no other card does (an easy to special summon 2000 ATK monster). He's good tribute fodder, can apply pressure as an extra attacker, and is even used in farming decks for the attack boost. Especially in Spellbooks, Tricky is a good tech since he's a spellcaster that can be special summoned for Silent Magician or Spellbook of Fate. 

1-2 copies are recommended. 

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