Valkyrie's Rage

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Card Explanation

The best vanilla beater in the game. Very strong monster that can be splashed in almost all decks. It gets over 99% of all non-tribute units with 1800 attack, and very few cards can take that hit.

It is also an Order to charge target in case you need to pitch it if you know it will get destroyed or need to take out a key monster before it can mobilize. 

Aim for 3 copies.

Soul Exchange

This card single-handedly made running tribute units in higher ranks more appealing. This card not only pushed Gravekeeper decks to the forefront of the meta, but provided support for Bluff Trap, Dark Magicians, Summoned Skull Red Magician, and an interesting tech option for Toon Decks. 

Aim for 3 copies.

The first of many cards designed to hard counter the strongest effect monsters in the game.

Electro, Relinquished, Gravekeepers, any of the bigger match ups that had minimal resistance before hand saw their reign of terror get stopped.

Not all decks require this, but it's handy to have if you know you face decks that are effect monster happy.

Aim for 1-2 copies.

A popular tech in many control decks or in cases where the deck has trouble swarming, Megacyber's effect to special summon when the opponent has 2 more monsters than you is a great tempo push to clear out a stronger unit and still normal summon to even the odds for a push back. This is also just a great tribute fodder, for the likes Summoned Skull and Beast of Talwar, if it can't get over any of your opponent's monsters in the meta such as Swift Gaia.

1 copy is usually enough.

The introduction of Pumprincess added additional tools for Wonder Balloon decks, as it offers protection and continuously debuffs when destroyed (while face up).  
It is also seen in the likes of Weevil stall decks and can seriously hurt decks that have squishier monsters, making it hard for them to catch up.

Aim for 1-2 copies.

Enforcing already deadly stall and burn decks, Burning Land is a big game changer against decks that rely on field spells, as well as the continuous burn to both sides puts immense pressure to end the duel quick. You usually find this as a tech for Weevil as it will knock out Harpie's Hunting Ground, and the card is essential for a popular Tea Standby Burn deck.

Aim for 1-2 copies.

Wild Tornado has seen uses in many decks for its instant card destruction effect when destroyed.

Harpies can use it to take out monsters stronger than themselves, they can be paired with Storm in Last Gamble and Bluff Trap decks, and Relinquished can use it as a way to destroy their own face-up equip fodder as well as bait against backrow destruction or used to take out Skull Lair.

Cards like Wild Tornado with multi-purpose uses are heavily sought after that complete a deck or give it a nice flavor.

Aim for 2 copies.

Angel O7

Angel O7 serves as a key anti-meta card and is also used in many farming decks where a key monsters need to be disabled.

By its effect, it can stop cards like Sphere Kuriboh, Relinquished, Gravekeepers, and Venus from activating their effects, whether in hand, on field, or the graveyard.

It is definitely a good rare card to have if you need to shut down multiple effect monsters with a single persisting presence.

1-2 copies on hand is preferred.

One of the iconic monsters from the Bluff Trapper deck, it is the opposite counterpart of Airknight Parshath as it can do piercing damage, but it will randomly discard from the opponent's hand.

It pairs well with bluff trap skill and can be summoned with the aid of Soul Exchange. As a rare it will be very easy to obtain copies of this card, but it is nonetheless very powerful.

2 copies are recommended to play Bluff Trap.

Unhappy girl paired with Holy Guard skill has become a very popular engine for farming event LDs to lock down the enemy's monsters.

Because they can't attack or change position, cards like Guardian Statue become useless as they can only flip themselves back down by their own effect, but can't be flipped back up to bounce cards.

This engine usually carries Union Attack Vassal or Piranha Army Gift of the Martyr on the final turn safely for the 10k attack.

3 copies are required to play Holy Guard Lock farm decks.

Solidifying the Tea Mill Deck, Hiro has quickly become just as annoying to fight against as its counter part in Flame of the Tyrant, Warm Worm.

Any spell card that is drawn is immediately discarded, but in a Tea mill, you just need to make sure those cards come out of the deck regardless of whether they are discarded or not.

  • Plus since its effect specifies it to draw and not excavate or send, if the opponent can't draw the 3 cards, they will instantly lose to deck out.

3 copies are required to play Tea Standby Mill

Skull Lair

Late arrival star during the KC Cup, this card alone made being a Relinquished Player very frustrating.

If your deck is dumping monsters into the graveyard, you can use it as a method to remove smaller units the moment they are summoned, and common targets to use this card against include Relinquished and Chaos Necromancer.

Combos really well with the Chaos Zone field spell also in this set.

Side deck 1-2 copies depending on match up

If you have 1 copy of Union Attack, Spell Reclamation can turn it into 2.

Make sure you set this card the turn before going into "No cards remaining" finish as its a trap card and needs to be chained to union attack.

1 copy max if you only own 1 Union Attack

This card usage goes up and down depending on the meta, but it is a lot easier to use in Duel Links than in the full game.

Straight flush can be a surprise knock out card if you know your opponent likes to play backrow heavy.

1 copy in a deck is usually enough.

Cards From Pack
Cards Rating Rarity
Sky Scourge Enrise 7.5
Garma Sword 5
Zera the Mant 5
Dark Mimic LV1 5
Great Long Nose 7.5
White-Horned Dragon 8.5
Chakra 5
Cyber Raider 8
Skull Knight #2 5
Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts 9
Theban Nightmare 5
Mefist the Infernal General 8.5
Dreamsprite 5
The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury 5
Gradius 5
Akz, the Pumer 5
Teva 6.5
Triple Star Trion 5
The Fiend Megacyber 8.5
Lord British Space Fighter 6.5
The Unhappy Girl 7
Needle Ball 5
Inaba White Rabbit 5
Angel O7 Angel O7 8.5
B.E.S. Big Core 8.5
Ghost Knight of Jackal 5
Dark Mimic LV3 5
Luminous Soldier 5
Otohime 5
Tenshin 5
Gradius' Option 5
Masked Sorcerer 5
Twin-Headed Wolf 6.5
White Magician Pikeru 5
Whiptail Crow 8
Moisture Creature 8
Penumbral Soldier Lady 5
Ebon Magician Curran 5
Caligo Claw Crow 5
Dunames Dark Witch 8.5
Falchionβ 6.5
Abare Ushioni Abare Ushioni 5
Susa Soldier 8.5
Doomsday Horror 5
Hiro's Shadow Scout 7.5
Asura Priest Asura Priest 8.5
Magnetic Mosquito 5
Dimensional Alchemist 8
Wrecker Panda 8
Ritual Raven 8
Resurrection of Chakra Resurrection of Chakra 5
Creeping Darkness Creeping Darkness 8.5
Garma Sword Oath Garma Sword Oath 5
Chaos Seed 5
Beast Rage Beast Rage 5
Soul Exchange Soul Exchange 9
Sword of Kusanagi Sword of Kusanagi 7
Mirror of Yata Mirror of Yata 8
Orb of Yasaka Orb of Yasaka 7
Zera Ritual Zera Ritual 5
Contract with the Abyss Contract with the Abyss 7.5
Tailor of the Fickle Tailor of the Fickle 5
After the Struggle After the Struggle 6
Mystical Wind Typhoon Mystical Wind Typhoon 5
Veil of Darkness 7
Burning Land 8.5
Chaos Zone 5
Nobleman of Extermination Nobleman of Extermination 8.5
Cyclon Laser Cyclon Laser 5
Fairy Meteor Crush Fairy Meteor Crush 6
Monster Recovery 8
Photon Veil Photon Veil 6
Miraculous Rebirth Miraculous Rebirth 6
Adhesion Trap Hole 8.5
Dark Spirit Art - Greed 5
The Emperor's Holiday 5
Escape from the Dark Dimension 8.5
Skull Lair Skull Lair 8
Divine Wrath 9
Dark Mirror Force 6
Sinister Seeds 7
Xing Zhen Hu 8.5
Physical Double 7
Vanity's Call 6
Spell Reclamation 7.5
Pineapple Blast 7
Accumulated Fortune 7
Limit Impulse 5
Trap Reclamation 6
Straight Flush 7.5
A Feint Plan 6
Chain Healing 5
Disappear 5
Disarmament 5
Spirit's Invitation 8
Wild Tornado 8.5
Fatal Abacus Fatal Abacus 6
Shinobird Power Spot Shinobird Power Spot 8
Shinobird Crane Shinobird Crane