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Senju is an incredible card that is truly irreplaceable in Ritual decks. Senju is the only card in the game that searches Ritual monsters without any cost, but his 1400 ATK and fairy-typing makes it weak to Yami. Still, every ritual deck should be running 3 copies of this.

It is strongly recommended that every ritual deck acquire 3x copies

Mirror Wall is an insane card, it halves the attack of any opponent's monster, allowing your monsters to defeat most monsters. Since the effect applies to any of your opponent's monsters that declares an attack, it can protect your entire field for one turn or even two if you choose to pay for the Wall. If your opponent is foolish, they'll attack into Mirror Wall with only one monster and lose their monster without any cost to you, rapidly swinging the game in your favor. 

At one point the most centralizing card in the meta, Mirror Wall has seen a sharp drop off in use as the metagame has evolved around it. Many decks like Harpies, Relinquished, and Gravekeeper's completely bypass Mirror, but against most other decks (including the new 3-Star Demotion) Mirror is very powerful. It is the sole reason most players will not attack an attack position monster if there are face-downs on the field, and it's still incredibly punishing if you attack into it.

1-2x copies are strongly recommended for PvP

Meteor B. Dragon sees little use in PvP because it has no effect, but it's a staple card for auto-dueling. The double Fusion dragons deck summons Meteor incredibly easily, and his 3500 ATK can defeat anything standard duelists throw out.

1-2x copies are useful for auto-dueling

Paladin is used in Ritual Blue-Eyes decks to bring out Blue-Eyes from the deck. This variant has fallen out of favor in favor of Kaibaman's raw speed, but Paladin is still useful though, as the ritual cards are much more consistent than Kaibaman and have a bit more utility. This consistency comes with a price, as Blue-Eyes will not be able to attack the turn it is brought out, which gives your opponent time to set up a counter or establish a stronger field. 

2-3x copies are recommended in BEWD Ritual decks.

Even though Dunames and Gearfried have outclassed Jerry's raw attack, Jerry is still the highest attack level 3 in the game. It's a useful normal monster beatstick that can dodge 4-Starred Ladybug, but is weak to Possessed Dark Soul. He's also a plant types, which works well with recently released plant support in Land of the Titans. 

1-2x copies are recommended for PvP

Grarl provides a solid 500 ATK boost as well as the unique effect of preventing your opponent from changing their monster's battle positions. The fact that it's an equip spell renders it a bit clunky against Harpies, but some Weevil burn decks can take advantage of the effect, forcing your opponent's monsters into defense so Panda or Shadowslayer can inflict damage. It's not a very popular strategy, but with Security Orb and Enemy Controller it can lock your opponent down out of nowhere. 

It is worth noting that the effect applies to your opponent, even if you equip it to their monster. 

1-2x copies are recommended if you're playing Weevil. It is not necessary otherwise. 

Useful for certain farming decks, notably Ishizu and Cerberus. Ceal allows you to attack directly in cases where Secret Pass to the Treasures cannot be used.

1x copy is recommended for farming reasons.

Used in some farming decks to gain attack with Ritual Weapon and banishing Blue-Eyes from the grave. Not used very often, but can sometimes be a budget alternative to reach 5000+ attack for farming. 

1x copy is recommended for farming reasons

Ritual Weapon

Paired up with Cu Chullain or other ritual monsters, Ritual/Fusion weapon offers the highest flat attack boost in the game, tied only with Rising Energy. Combined with Union Attack or Riryoku, it's a cheap and accessible way to boost attack and reach 5000 damage. 

1x copy is recommended for some farming decks

A strong card in Rex decks, however Element Saurus' attack has not aged well in a metagame with many 1900 attackers. Saurus is still useful to negate monsters like 4-Starred Ladybug and Yomi Ship though, which have recently started seeing more use thanks to 3-Star Demotion. 

1-3x copies are recommended for Dinosaur decks

Sunlight changes all monsters on your side of the field to face-up defense position, which has obvious synergy with Dream Clown and flip effect monsters. It can be used to trigger flip effects on demand, change your monster to defense position to force your opponent to attack defensive walls like Gardna or Cocoon, and can even counter Enemy Controller. 

1-3x copies are recommended for Clown control, 1-2x copies otherwise

Des Counterblow

Counterblow destroys any monsters that attack directly, which isn't very useful in PvP, but can be powerful in some farming decks. For Bakura's gate spawn, Des Counterblow + Destiny Draw + healing was the only consistent way to farm him, and can work for farming Kaiba too, albeit not extremely consistently. 

3x copies are recommended for farming

When destroyed by battle, Rai-Mei allows you to add any level 2 or lower light monster from your deck to your hand. This is a surprisingly useful search pool, with notable targets including Unhappy Girl, Magical Merchant, and Time Wizard. Rai-Mei is essential for Unhappy Girl farming to search her out consistently. 

3x copies are strongly recommended for farming

Magical Merchant sends cards from the top of the deck to the graveyard, until a spell or trap card is reached. This is one of the most unique effects in the game, capable of sending a huge amount of cards to the graveyard. Normally self-mill is risky, but certain decks can take advantage of it, notably decks that abuse Skull Lair or Chaos Necromancer. As more cards come out that benefit from being in the graveyard, Merchant will only get better. 

1-3x copies are recommended

Cards From Pack
Cards Rarity
Woodland Sprite
Paladin of White Dragon
Man-Thro' Tro'
Kaiser Sea Horse
Guardian Ceal
Elemental Mistress Doriado
Double Coston
Element Valkyrie
Naturia Dragonfly
Absorbing Kid from the Sky Absorbing Kid from the Sky
Divine Grace - Northwemko Divine Grace - Northwemko
Jerry Beans Man
Radiant Spirit
Phantom Cricket
Gray Wing
Garlandolf, King of Destruction
Servant of Catabolism
Machine King Prototype
Djinn Disserere of Rituals
Vylon Charger
Machine King
Coach Goblin
Destruction Cyclone
Ancient Dragon
Ally of Justice Garadholg
Sasuke Samurai
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Anti-Aircraft Flower
Umbral Soul
Meteor Dragon
Chopman the Desperate Outlaw
Emissary of the Oasis
The Kick Man
D.D. Crazy Beast
Raging Earth
Milus Radiant
Patrol Robo
Element Saurus
Senju of the Thousand Hands
Meteor B. Dragon
Pixie Knight
Dragon Seeker
Element Dragon
Magical Merchant
Naturia Strawberry
Ally of Justice Clausolas
Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals
Dweller in the Depths
Cú Chulainn the Awakened
Guardian Grarl
Fairy King Truesdale
Arcane Archer of the Forest
Stamping Destruction Stamping Destruction
Black Pendant Black Pendant
Release Restraint Wave
Half Shut Half Shut
The Beginning of the End The Beginning of the End
Fusion Weapon Fusion Weapon
Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
Doriado's Blessing
Synthesis Spell Synthesis Spell
Buster Rancher Buster Rancher
Emblem of the Awakening Emblem of the Awakening
White Dragon Ritual
Sprite's Blessing Sprite's Blessing
The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler
Fairy of the Spring
Chaos End Chaos End
Ritual Weapon Ritual Weapon
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Gravedigger Ghoul Gravedigger Ghoul
Two Man Cell Battle Two-Man Cell Battle
Ritual of Destruction
Ritual of Grace
Regretful Rebirth
Bamboo Scrap
Soul Demolition
Ray of Hope
Des Counterblow Des Counterblow
A Major Upset
Cry Havoc Cry Havoc!
High Tide on Fire Island
Mirror Wall
Desert Sunlight
Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature
Beckoning Light
Painful Escape
Common Charity
Micro Ray
Magician's Circle
Altar for Tribute Altar for Tribute