Land of the Titans

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Yellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest

Coming in with 2600/1800 stats, the first of the Baboons of the Forest can rival iconic ace monsters such as Summoned Skull and Beast of Talwar.

His special summoning condition can be met with the use of Bubonic Vermin, every time it is flipped and destroyed it will summon another from the deck and fill the graveyard with targets to banish.

You can also trigger the special summon by baiting your opponent to destroy one of your weaker beast monsters, afterwards you can drop Yellow on the field stop further attacks and leave your opponent without a chance to prepare a defense.

Aim for 2 copies.

Green Baboon

Green Baboon has the same stats as its yellow counterpart, but it can be special summoned from the hand or graveyard at a cost.

You can use the effect of Dust Knight to send the monster from your deck to the graveyard to quickly set up a special summon.

Use monsters like Playful Possum’s effect to destroy itself in the main phase, or the tail end of Obedience Schooled's effect, triggering the special summon effect.

Aim for 2 copies.

Gearfried the Iron Knight

Gearfried comes running out the gate to tie with Dunames the Dark Witch for the strongest 4 star beater at 1800 ATK, making him another desirable staple in beatdown decks.

His effect of destroying any equip-card seems absurd, until you realize you can combo equip cards that have effects when destroyed, such as Black Pendant for burn and Smoke Grenade of the Thief to discard a card from your opponent's hand.

This also makes him immune to Mask of the Accursed.

Aim for 2-3 copies.

Iron Knight's Evolution also makes a release in this set, being able to destroy a monster on the field for each equip card attached to him.

This card is already being used in OTK decks running Last Gamble engines to board clear as well as power him up to over 4000 ATK.

Aim for 1-2 copies.

Dust Knight

The first of foolish burial type cards to come to Duel Links. While taking up a summon, it is able to send key earth monsters to the graveyard to be recovered, or paired with another card's effect.

This card is great to get Green Baboon in the graveyard from your deck or Magnet Warriors to fuel Delta the Magnet Warrior's effect.

Aim for 2 copies.

Megarock Dragon provides itself as a powerful boss monster for rock-type decks, special summoned by banishing rock monsters and gaining ATK/DEF equal to the banished monsters x 700.

It's ease of summon gives it a nice surprise factor, and will not be as vulnerable to Windstorm or Enemy Controller like other boss monsters with high attack, but low defense.

Expect to see this card in magnet decks as an alternative to Valkyrion. 

Aim for 1-2 copies.

Musasabi bring a new flavor of stall and burn to the table, able to burn life points when destroyed by battle, and all copies in your deck will be special summoned on your opponent's side to clog their field.

While it carries some risk when first summoned, it will prevent your opponent from summoning more monster or using them as tribute fodder.

Expect this card to find a home in Weevil stall decks in conjunction with a parasite lock down.

Aim for 3 copies.

A great way to set up summoning plays and thinning your deck of key beasts into the graveyard.

This is a quick way to get tribute fodder for Yellow Baboon, and the destruction of any remaining beasts on the field will trigger Green baboon's special summon. 

You can also combo this with Gilford the Lightning or Moisture Creature to trigger their 3 tribute summon effect.

Aim for 2-3 copies.

A game changing rare, combining the first of effect of Enemy Controller to shift the battle position of an attacking monster, with the second effect of Wild Tornado to destroy a monster on the field if it is destroyed by your opponent.

This card has potential to shift the meta, or at least bring more decks up to the competitive level without being put down by decks like Harpies and other backrow destroying decks.

Aim for 2-3 copies.

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