Flame of the Tyrant

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Electro is an incredibly useful card, able to be splashed in most decks, but strong enough to have an entire deck built around him. The ability to lock down a face-down card once per turn can snowball heavily over multiple turns, and his 1600 ATK is nothing to scoff it. He sees use in a great number of decks, from Dinos, to Relinquished, to even Harpies.

1-3x copies are recommended

Legion is very useful in spellcaster decks that require tribute summoning often; most of the time Legion sees use in Gravekeeper or Dark Magician decks. His ability to instantly summon a tribute monster is quite powerful and he can even search out any normal spell caster (good targets include Neo and Dark Magician). He may come in handy in future Exodia events.

1-3x copies are recommended for Dark Magician or Gravekeeper's decks.

The bread and butter behind mill decks, Warm Worm makes the entire deck work. When it's destroyed, it takes 3 cards off the top of your opponent's deck too. With multiple Warm Worms and repeatedly re-summoning it off of Regretful Rebirth, Warm Worm can rapidly shred your opponent's deck before they figure out your strategy. 

3x are required for mill decks.

The namesake of the Venus deck, Venus is a ridiculously powerful card. The ability to summon up to 3 Shine Balls from the deck is invaluable with powerful cards like Order to Charge and Order to Smash. The Switcheroo nerf will hit the deck hard though, it's unknown if it will remain a top tier threat.

3x copies are required for Venus decks.

Apples is mostly used to farm Kaiba very easily, but it's also occasionally seen in PvP decks like Odion burn or Destiny Draw stall. The effect is a niche one, however it's worth noting that the token benefits from Yami and will have higher attack than your opponent's monster.

0x copies for PvP, 3x copies for Kaiba farming

Pinch Hopper sees very little PvP usage, but it's a solid farming card, as the AI is programmed to play it safe and not attack Pinch Hopper unless it can deal with any monsters in your hand. He's very useful for stalling until you get Unhappy Girl, but by himself is not that useful.

1-3x copies are helpful for some farming decks.

The opposite of Pinch Hopper, Dark Soul is only useful in PvP as a counter to the meta game. Dark Soul has the ability to turn the game around instantly, with the effect of stealing monsters like: Relinquished, Jerry Beans Man, Sonic Duck, and Gravekeeper's Recruiter/Priestess. An extremely strong anti-meta card, but suffers at lower ranks.

1-3x copies are strongly recommended for PvP

Dai Grepher has an extremely solid 1700 ATK/1600 DEF, but has since been powercreeped by Master Kyonshee and Magnet Warrior Beta. Grepher is mostly used in decks that abuse Blue Dragon Summoner to search him out and stall.

3x for Last Gamble Desert Twister, otherwise Grepher can be replaced with any 1700 ATK normal monster

Some burn decks opt to use Kotetsu to search out Mask of the Accursed in order to stall consistently. Not used very often.

1-2x copies for burn decks

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