Dawn of Destiny

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Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Nephythys is one of the strongest cards in the pack and the heart of a very powerful Phoenix deck. The deck shines off the back of Nepythys, which packs a laundry list of tools that allows it dominate the meta. For starters, it has a solid 2400/1600 stats which can tie with Red-Eyes (or beat them with Beatdown) and allows it to be searched with Card of the Soul. In addition it can revive itself from the grave during your next standby phase if it is destroyed, which gives it incredible synergy with new cards like Fire King Island or Yaksha. Either card can destroy Nephythys in hand and allow it to special summon itself, triggering it's final and best effect to destroy all spell or trap cards on the field. This effect is the only one of its kind in Duel Links, allowing it to wipe defensive backrow easily and summon itself for free. In addition this means that Nephythys will revive itself if destroyed by Wild Tornado, Order to Charge, or Super Rush Headlong, forcing most decks to deal with Phoenix through battle.  

2-3x copies are required for Phoenix decks. 

Tribute to the Doomed

A very powerful generic spell card, Tribute has the simple effect of discarding a card to destroy a monster. This effect is unfortunately lacking against the big decks in the meta (Phoenix and Red-Eyes), but Tribute is the first truly generic monster removal in the game, allowing any deck to remove threats if necessary. A few decks appreciate the discard like Zombies or Fiends, but for the most part the discard cost is a steep one that should be used carefully. 

0-2 copies are recommended.

Heavy Knight of the Flame

Heavy Knight is a deceptively powerful anti-meta card that can tear meta decks apart if left unchecked. Before Gemini summoning, Heavy Knight has the same 1800 ATK as Great Angus, but the real power comes from his Gemini effect. If Heavy Knight attacks a special summoned monster, that monster is banished at the start of the damage step. That effect is as good as it sounds, easily and permanently removing powerful monsters like Red-Eyes, Nephythys, Toon Summoned Skull, or anything summoned from the extra deck. Heavy Knight is a strong counter to much of the meta and can remove threats like no other card can, making it a strong tech choice or a key monster in control decks. 

It is worth noting that the effect has a few drawbacks in that Super Rush Headlong will destroy Heavy Knight before it can activate and that it has to attack to activate it's effect. Smart opponents can stop the attack and then retaliate before Heavy Knight gets to banish anything. 

1-3x copies are recommended for control/beatdown decks. 

Easily the best single card from Dawn of Destiny, Super Rush Headlong has found its way into almost every deck as a versatile form of monster removal. SRH targets one monster and selects one attribute; any monster with that attribute is destroyed when it battles with the targeted monster. If your opponent attacks into SRH, it's at the minimum a one for one trade that removes his monster for free. Be aware that aggressive SRH can be countered by Enemy Controller, but defensive SRH is very difficult to counter. 

2-3x copies are recommended for any deck.

A key card for Zombie decks, Il Blud offers incredibly powerful swarming. When Gemini summoned, Il Blud can summon any Zombie type monster from your hand or either player's graveyard, allowing you to swarm with your own monsters or steal your opponent's Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon or Il Blud. Combined with Supervise and Gozuki, Il Blud allows Zombies to swarm with unprecedented speed. The monsters summoned with Il Blud are "tethered" to him and will be destroyed if Il Blud leaves the field, requiring a degree of protection to maintain field control. 

2-3x copies are recommended for Zombie decks. 

Good Goblin Housekeeping

Good Goblin is a great farming card for any decks that need to draw. GGH is a very easily obtainable and thins your deck while allowing you to put combo pieces at the bottom, making sure you don't fill your hand up with important cards. 

No less than 3x copies should be run in farming decks. 

Naturia Pumpkin

Part of the slew of new Naturia cards released, Pumpkin stands out as the one that enables fast and powerful swarming. Pumpkin summoning Stag Beetle and then summoning Hydrangea is one of the most powerful plays the deck can make, and generates rapid field presence and damage. The effect requires an opponent's monster, but resolving Pumpkin is a fantastic tempo swing for Naturia decks. 

3x copies are required in Naturia decks. 

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