Clash of Wings

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By far the best archetypal card in the set, Beat is the heart and soul of the deck Fur Hire that is dominating the ladder (as of June 2018). He shares the effect of the low level monsters Fur Hire, in that they can special summon one monster Fur Hire from hand and activate an effect when a monster Fur Hire is special summoned. What makes Beat special is that he searches a monster Fur Hire, which is a huge reason Fur Hire is consistent. With just two cards (Beat and Donpa/Recon) you can search a monster from deck and destroy a card on the field, which is a consistent and easy power play.  

If you're playing Fur Hire, Beat is essential at 3.

The best generic card in the set, Widespread Ruin is amazing one for one removal, with no cost. All it needs is for an opponent's monster to declare an attack, and it is removed for free, taking care of common threats such as Amazoness Queen, Dyna, Hero Fur Hire, or Masked Hero Anki. Compared to Super Rush Headlong, there's no need to have a face-up monster on the field, so defensive decks like Worms or Geargias enjoy the protection. And unlike Mirror Wall, it doesn't require stats to destroy, so low statline monsters such as Spellbook Magician of Prophecy can be protected easily. 

1-3 copies are recommended, due to its versatility.

While not an essential card like Beat, Wiz is noteworthy for being useful in PvE events too. Being able to negate any spell or trap once per turn is invaluable for farming legendary duelists or doing other PvE content such as the D.D. Tower. 

2-3 copies are recommended for Fur Hire decks and some farming decks. 

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