Age of Discovery

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Daedalus used to be the king of PvP, but after the KC cup, Mako decks and Daedalus have fallen out of favor. Daedalus still has solid stats and a very unique ability to wipe the board clean, which was Mako's defining power play. The meta is not very kind to this play the moment, but he may see more use if Mako support is released.

1-3x copies are recommended for Daedalus decks

One of the few generic forms of monster removal in the game, however the activation condition is a bit strict and many decks will not give you a chance to activate this when you want to. It is also quite vulnerable to spell/trap destruction since it can't be chained freely. Very useful in PvE decks though, since this card can punish most standard duelist's decks.

0-2x copies are recommended for PvP, 1-2x copies for PvE

Yomi, much like Mako in general, has fallen out of the meta, but it's still a very accessible and splashable form of monster removal. Is particularly strong against Last Gamble Desert Twister and Blue-Eyes decks, since neither deck has a way to consistently deal with face-down Ships. Also combos will with Hammer Shark to remove a monster without burning your normal summon.

1-2x copies are recommended for PvP

Stray Lambs

Stray Lambs can be combo'd with 7 star monsters in order to tribute set them immediately. It used to be very strong with Suijin, but many decks are aware of this play and won't blindly attack into a face-down tribute monster.

3x copies for decks that turbo out 7 star monsters, but otherwise is not very useful.

A core card in Mako decks, it has a solid 1800 DEF under Umi and allows the Mako player to easily tribute summon Daedalus or Suijin. Unfortunately his 1800 DEF isn't quite on par with the latest attackers, but he's still a staple in Daedalus decks.

3x copies are recommended for Daedalus decks

Despite being water-themed support, Panda sees the most use in Parasite decks. His ability to increase his own attack as well as pierce is incredibly strong for Parasite decks and puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

2-3x copies are recommended for Parasite burn.

Vermin has the unfortunate issue of being dead in your hand if you draw multiples, but Vermin is fantastic to stall with and can provide easy tribute fodder. Sometimes used in farm decks to tribute summon Angel O7 or Invader of Darkness.

Vermin should only be used at 3x copies.

Piranha Army is an essential farm card for those that don't own Gravekeeper's Vassal or Union Attack. Paired up with Secret Pass to the Treasures and Gift of the Martyr, Piranha is one of the few cards that can do 10,000 damage.

Buy Age of Discovery until you get Piranha. A must-have card at one copy.

B. Dragon's Chick has great potential in Red-Eyes decks with the recent additions of Red-Eyes Spirit and Vanguard of the Dragon. It is unknown how this will impact the meta, but Red-Eyes have a lot of potential.

3x copies are recommended for Red-Eyes decks

A solid burn card, it inflicts damage to your opponent amplified by how many copies of A&R are in your graveyard. It sees some play in Odion and Tea burn, but sees little use otherwise.

1-3x copies are recommended for Tea/Odion burn, little use otherwise

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